James Hook and Company, Boston, 6/12/21

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James Hook and Co. started in 1925 with a father and his 3 sons trucking their catch to Boston.  It is still a family run business with 4 of the third generation siblings.  Somewhere along the line they developed retail outlets while still selling to restaurants and shipping across the U.S.   We visited a retail site near the water that also had a food truck on premises selling options.  Inside the little house were a couple tables to eat but mostly had tanks containing various sizes of lobsters and shelves with memorabilia and cooking supplies.  The retail counter had a number of fish and shellfish but also the lobster rolls, which they are famous for.  They come in 2 sizes and are cold with mayo or hot with butter.  Outside at the truck you could get the mayo variety and whole cooked lobsters as well as soups and some sides.  There is a large outdoor seating area to enjoy your selections.

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patio seating
Frankie shared details
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lobster for sale
stuff for sale
stuff for sale
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live lobsters
live lobsters
Frankie stayed out of reach of the live lobsters


We tried a small one of each of the lobster rolls.  They come on a hotdog shaped bun with the sides cut off so they can be toasted.   The buns were soft and fresh but we opted to just eat the insides.  They mayo dressed lobster was not too heavy on the mayo but had a bunch of the spongy meat in the mix.   This meat has a different texture and flavor than body or big claw meat and is often found in the flat part of the tail and claw.  The roll with butter had the butter on the side rather than poured on the sandwich.  This made it easy to dip the meat in the melted butter.  It had better chunks of lobster which is probably why it cost $5 more but worth it.  I also liked the warm meat better than the cold as you could appreciate the flavor better.  Bottom line though, is you couldn’t lose either way – the freshness and quality of the lobster was outstanding.

lobster rolls
cold lobster roll with mayo
warm lobster roll with butter
Frankie gave it a sniff
Frankie escaped from the lobster cage


2 thoughts on “James Hook and Company, Boston, 6/12/21

  1. Oh no Frankie, get out of there! 😀
    I miss having a competent seafood market nearby. Most of them have closed over the years and now it’s a bad game of grocery chains, asian markets, and haphazard selection from butcher shops that decide to carry some seafood.

    1. Truly! So many of our small local sellers of seafood and produce have been priced out of the market. It gets harder for the average consumer to find quality ingredients to cook in your home. Some of the markets we have visited in Europe make me green with envy – they have wonderful produce but also freshly cut meats, fowl and fish.

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