Seaside Cafe at the Southern Most House, Key West, 1/27/22

Southernmost House / hotel

The Seaside Cafe is on the grounds of the Southernmost House just a few steps from the Atlantic Ocean.  The Queen Anne style mansion looks over the large outdoor area with the walk-up cafe.  There are several seating areas and a large bar.  Some umbrellas and other cover are available.  Once you are seated the server will come take your order.  Meanwhile you can watch the ocean and be entertained by the roosters, chickens and other birds that visit the area.  They have a number of options but are primarily known for their lobster pizza or lobster salad on honey butter biscuits.  We chose the latter but did not sample the menu further.  Service was efficient and the view was nice.  The food was interesting but once was enough for me.

Frankie took in the view
eating area
eating area
eating area
grazing roosters
food menu
drinks menu
table set up


We enjoyed a beer with our order.

Frankie enjoyed a beer


The signature dish is honey-butter lobster biscuits served hot or cold.  The honey butter biscuit is stuffed with lobster salad and comes with a choice of fries or salad.  The biscuits are quite sweet and almost have a fried exterior.  Inside is a good portion of well dressed lobster salad.  It seemed more like Maine lobster than the local spiny lobster.  The parts of the sandwich were both fairly good but I found the sweet biscuit and salad fought with each other.  Also it left a fairly ‘fryer-like’ taste in my mouth.  We chose the fries as a side rather than the salad and they were a lightly coated very crisp variety.  As much as I liked the salad I think I enjoyed the fries more.  It was such a nice place to sit though.

Honey butter lobster biscuits and fires
Frankie checked it out

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