Cruze Farm Ice Cream, Knoxville, 4/13/22

exterior – 445 S Gay St #3, Knoxville, TN 37902

Cruze Farm Ice Cream is made with milk and churned buttermilk from Earl and Cheri Cruze’s farm’s hormone-free Jersey cows.  The farm was established in 1980 and their not-homogenized milk is sold at some local markets.  In 1992 the family branched out to open a scoop shop  selling hand dipped ice cream churned from their products at a Target.   It closed after 8 years and the family concentrated on their milk business.  When their daughter Colleen joined her goal was to sell all the surplus milk and an ice cream store was the best way to do that.  In 2016 Colleen and her husband opened a store on Union and one on Gay Street in 2017 with plans for more.  They serve only soft-serve ice cream and mix it with multiple other ingredients and flavors.  We tried a Sassy Cow which contained sweet cream dipped in chocolate and drizzled with caramel and then sprinkled with salt.  A half order if called a ‘calf’ and a whole one is a ‘cow.’  It came in a cup and the chocolate sauce froze into a crisp layer.  Underneath the ice cream was smooth but tasteless.  It was all about the texture and not the taste.  I’d stick with their milk products – they sound fun.


The staff all have to wear the red and white checked outfit and pictures of some of them are blown up to cover the walls.  Also lots for sale.

for sale
Frankie pointed out options
chosen staff
eating area
eating area
more options


Ice Cream

Sassy cow
with out spoon
Frankie posed on the sign

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