Pete’s Restaurant, Knoxville, 4/13/22

building – 540 Union Ave, Knoxville, TN 37902

Pete’s Restaurant has been around since 1986 in downtown Knoxville. Owners Pete and Rita Natour serve quality home-cooked food and customer service at breakfast and lunch.  It’s a long place with lots of windows to the street.  The wall is filled with booth seating and a row of small tables is opposite.  The tables are covered with an oilcloth and set with silver wrapped in a paper napkin.  There are also some counter seats in front of the kitchen. Service was totally efficient and friendly.  Pete was in front helping with everything, including cooking, but not too busy to have a friendly word.  It was pleasant place to sit and while the food was fresh and prepared to order it was very ordinary.


Pete in kitchen
wall photos
Frankie checked out the table ammenities
menu 2



Pete’s Breakfast Bowl contained 2 scrambled eggs, diced ham, sausage, cheddar cheese, home fries and sausage gravy served with a biscuit.  The server suggested adding bacon to the bowl and it added a good flavor as well as crunch to the dish.  Lots of textures here and with a bit of hot sauce it was a nice breakfast plate.  The biscuit was flakey and good and packets of butter were in the basket with jam and cream.

Pete’s Breakfast Bowl
from the top


Two eggs (your way) and two pancakes come with bacon (or sausage).  The over-easy eggs were perfect and the bacon semi-crisp.  Only generic syrup was offered and one of the pancakes was undercooked which made it fairly gummy.  The other was closer to edible but they were disappointing.  The flavor was good, though.  The bacon and eggs were just fine.

pancakes, bacon and eggs
bacon and eggs
Frankie looked out the window

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