Dad’s Luncheonette, Half Moon Bay, CA., 8/11/23

exterior – 225 Cabrillo Highway South at, Kelly Ave, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Dad’s Luncheonette was in a historic train caboose on Highway 1, near a strip shopping center.   It was a dream of Chef Scott Clark, who we met when he was Chef de cuisine at a 3-star Michelin restaurant, to open something small and casual that also serves great food.  He wanted a lifestyle change after having a child with his partner, Alexis Liu.  When she saw this little train car he knew that was it.  That was 6 years ago and it’s still a successful business.   There are a few seats inside, where you order, and picnic tables outside, but many just eat on the hood of their car or get stuff to go.  The cooking is on the upper level of the caboose and bathrooms are in the shopping center.  Lo and behold when we entered we found he brought another friend from the close by San Francisco dining scene that we had also dealt with before, Anthony Keels (Eight Tables).  The place is surrounded by farms and they make the best use of that supply chain but have a small menu.  I didn’t get a photo of the menu but you can see much of it on their website or in the photos.  Unfortunately, they were out of the homemade chips today.


order area
view from the parking lot
order counter
stuff for sale
Frankie checked out the drink selection
Anthony Keels and Frankie



We tried the Hamburger Sandwich which was made with grass-fed beef, soft egg, melty cheese, red onion pickles, Dad’s sauce and Red Oak lettuce on grilled Rosalind Bakery white bread.  The bread was nice but didn’t hold up to the burger and my egg leaked a lot of yolk which didn’t help.  The meat was nice and I loved the pickled onions.

without wrapper


We also tried the sweet of the week which was a walnut chocolate chip cookie.  It was thick, crisp and sweet.  Everything you want in a cookie was here. Tasty from the edge to the center.  It was a hit.

another view

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