Bullion (update), Dallas, 2/20/19

bar area

It’s been about a year since Frankie visited Bullion.  The place has held up well and is still an elegantly appointed setting. It is really one of the prettiest places in Dallas to dine.  Last time we encountered service issues and for the most part they were much better, however there were still some timing issues with our main course being presented while the salad plates were still on the table.  This happened even without a full room and plenty of servers.  Even so, the servers were friendlier and generally better trained and the sommelier did come and visit with us when we requested – so better than the first visit.  The food is lovely looking but not the most flavor loaded.



Tables are all given the same basket of bread choices and plenty of butter.  The breads varied in goodness but were a fine filler or plate wiper.

bread basket
Frankie and the butter


We started by splitting an order of the Paté en croûte that comes with whole grain mustard and pickled vegetables.  It was a combination of meats and organs some of which were tastier than others.  The crust was nice but not crisp and did not stick well to the inside.  The mustard was good but pretty strong so a little went a long way, but was a nice enhancement.  The pickled vegetables were tasty, but again some were much better than others.

Paté en Croûte with whole grain mustard
Frankie sniffed the paté


Salade Verte was stated to be made with butter lettuce and a tarragon shallot vinaigrette.   While there was some butter lettuce in there the main leaf appeared to be Romaine.  It also had thin slices of radish that gave it a bit of color.  It was a good sized portion and the dressing very tasty and well balanced.  They did bring some fresh pepper for it.

Salad Verte – butter lettuce, tarragon shallot vinaigrette
another view
Frankie and the table flowers


For a main course we decided to go for the daily special, which that day was Cassoulet, made with duck confit and white bean, toulouse sausage and pork belly.  It was brought out in the cast iron dish and also was a generous portion.  The pork belly was very fatty, even for pork belly, the sausage was tasty and the duck was okay.  The beans were really good and overall it was a nice dish but not a memorable version.

Cassoulet – duck confit and white bean, toulouse sausage, pork belly


For dessert the Chocolate Soufflé was served with créme fraîche ice cream and passion fruit coulis.  The soufflé was a mild chocolate and properly light and moist.  The ice cream was perfect to mix into it but I found the coulis a bit to tart to meld into the mixture.  It was a good sweet fix and a fine ending for a nice meal.

dessert menu
Chocolate Soufflé, créme fraîche ice cream and passion fruit coulis
from the side
from the side
Frankie shared the reservation information

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