Trio An American Bistro, Jackson, WY., 9/10/20


Trio opened in 2005 by the two chefs that also operate Local.  They serve a seasonal menu with nightly specials in a relaxed atmosphere.  They have a number of specialty cocktails and cook primarily in a wood-fired oven.  It is a good sized place with the blond wood bare tables well spaced by taking the 2-top tables, setting them with candles and using them as spacers.  Therefore everyone gets a nice size table which are set with lovely large linen napkins.  One end of the very modern room is an open kitchen, with plexiglas in front of it.  There are seats at the bar in front and some tables outside.  Bench seats run along the walls with very comfy seating.  No-arm blond wood chairs are on the other side.  Art is on the wall and it’s for sale.  Music is in the background.  Eating outside is preferable regarding the virus but the inside here is very lovely and very well done, so I would chose sitting inside.  Service was really friendly, opinionated and timing was very nice.

sign out front
wine list 1
wine list 2


We started with two nicely made martinis.  They were cold and a perfect start.

Frankie enjoyed martinis


Mussels from Prince Edward Island were a special that evening.  They were mixed with an assortment of tomatoes, parsley, garlic and butter then topped with a piece of toasted focaccia bread.  The mussels were not as plump as some but all were really good and blended wonderfully with the tomatoes.  Yellow and red cherry tomatoes were mixed with pieces of large tomatoes and they were great with the tasty mussels.

from the top
wine front
Great server Matt and Frankie


Seared Hudson Valley foie gras was another daily special.  It was served with fresh mango, mango purée and toasted brioche.  It was a good sized piece and barely cooked, still fairly cool inside.  The mango was well flavored and worked well as a compliment to the rich foie gras.  The brioche was tasty with a good texture but the vanilla overtones in it made me prefer eating the foie gras with the focaccia served with the mussels.  A lovely combination.

foie gras with mango
Frankie gave it a sniff


A Grilled Pork Chop from Snake River Farms was plated on creamed corn, apple cider pork jus and topped with green onion relish.  This was really amazing pork.  It was totally juicy, tender and rich.  It was cooked perfectly and the scallion relish was perfect with it.  The corn was quite nice but it was the relish and the spectacular pork that made this plate.

Grilled pork chop
Frankie admired the linen of the napkin


Grilled Corn Risotto was made with grilled corn, parmesan broth, parmigiana reggiano and I added 3 oz. of grilled flat iron.  The properly cooked rice was equalled in volume with the tasty corn.  It was all well seasoned with the parmesan broth complimenting both.  The beef flat iron was nicely rare and added another great taste to the dish.  This one was really good but the pork chop was the better of the two entrees.

Grilled Corn Risotto with 3 oz. grilled flat iron


Dessert was an oral menu and we chose the Valhrona chocolate peanut butter cup.  The chocolate made the medium thickness shell which was topped with smoked sea salt crystals.  Inside was a smooth peanut butter cream that was a perfect blend with the nicely flavored chocolate.  It was a real yum.  A perfect end to a really fine meal.

Valhrona chocolate and peanut butter
Frankie gave it a sniff

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