Persephone Bakery, Jackson, WY., 9/11/20


Persephone was a really popular place, that served excellent baked goods, coffee and sandwiches.  You line up to make your order and then can take it with you or eat at one of the tables on the outside patio.  There were tables inside but no one sat there.  We wanted to get stuff to take with us during our drive through the national park and so placed our order online and they gave us a time when we could pick it up at a separate window around the side.    They serve only breakfast foods until 10:30 after which they do offer lunch salads and sandwiches.  They also offer pre-packaged cookies, teas and other foods.  We scoped out the order counter one day and ordered from them the next day.  Later we got some cinnamon brioche to eat in the hotel the next morning but they did not work out as well as our other orders.  I don’t know if they came dry or just turned that way being held overnight.  Either way they found their way to the trash rather than our stomachs.

order counter
stuff to sell
interior leading to deck and cabinets with more to sell
baked good
menu (also online)
other side of order counter and more menu
patio next to deck


For our trip we got Kouign Amann which were totally buttery, sugary doughy rolls of deliciousness.  They were moist and wonderful.  They were so good we went back to get more for breakfast the next day but they were out and we bought the cinnamon brioche which didn’t work out as well.  I would eat the Kouign Amann again in a heartbeat.

Kouign Amann
from the side


The Egg Sandwich was lightly scrambled eggs, gruyere, ham and dijon aioli served on a croissant with optional seasonal veggie like kale or avocado which we did not get.  It was a huge sandwich for just $8.50.  It was served warm with moist eggs, lots of gooey cheese and tasty ham.  The croissant was buttery and very flakey.  It was really good and more than I could eat.

Egg sandwich, gruyere, ham and dijon aioli


cinnamon brioche are the tray with just 3 buns



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