The Peak Inn, Dallas, 9/25/20


The Peak Inn opened in November of 2019 and then closed for much of Covid till it re-opened in late May.  It is on a street corner and we entered around 5:30 in the afternoon and the drop in lighting was dramatic.  The sun outside was full force but you’d never know it inside where some colored lights give most of the glow.  It wasn’t crowded, with just 3 guys playing pool in a back room but we were there to check out the patio for Covid outside dining options.  It was also empty with a variety of chairs and picnic tables.  A TV screen was on but made no noise as music was in the background.  We ordered beers at the bar on our way in and a server came out after a bit to give us menus.  On the way in we passed through the pool table room and another lounge area that had a fake fire place going.  All was pretty dark with lots of music.  They state that all their food is cured, ground and made in house.  People were friendly and masked.

bar area
fireplace room
pool table
Frankie watched TV on the patio
menu 1
menu 2


We wanted to try one of their burgers as they have won awards in several local publications.  The Freshly Ground Burgers come in a single or double with 3 configurations.  The double is 2 patties rather than one large one.  We tried the double Lil Kahuna which comes with American cheese, 1000 Island dressing, pickle and onion.  With it we got Hand cut fries, which were excellent, totally crisp and lightly salted.  Very tasty, but a smaller portion that I expected..  The burger was well browned with cheese on both patties.  There was plenty of garden and dressing on a nicely soft bun.  The end result with the bun was a large pile to get in your mouth.  It was good but I wouldn’t call it great.  There was real potential but it didn’t have the spark I hoped for but I’d be willing to try it again.

Lil Kahuna Burger with double patty and fries
other side
Hand cut fries
Frankie took in the patio ambience


The Pastrami Melt was made with house-cured pastrami, Swiss cheese, 100 Island dressing and caramelized onion on a toasted sourdough bread.  With it I got home-made onion rings.  Unlike the burger this sandwich was less stuffed with ingredients.  What was there was tasty but the bread overwhelmed the inside.  I wouldn’t get this one again.  The rings were nice and crispy and the onion stayed attached to the coating on most of the rings.  It was a generous portion of rings and they were tasty.  Fries and rings were the same price on the menu and I’d give the fries the edge on tastiness but would want to order both if possible so I could go back and forth.

Pastrami melt with onion rings
closer sandwich
Home-made onion rings
fun bathroom sign
Frankie enjoyed a beer

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