Galatoire’s (update), New Orleans, 3/17/21

It’s been a year since we visited (and 2 since I’ve written up) Galatoire’s and we were excited to be vaccinated and out once again.  The food is just as good but a few changes include well spaced tables, masked staff and required reservations – even for dining on the first floor.  Even with 75% dining capacity the room still got really noisy but part of the place is the energy in the room.  Less waitstaff are on for each shift so you also may need to stray from your usual person.  The menu is on line and in past write-ups but it hasn’t changed except for a price increase here and there.  The fresh catch is updated daily and the food and service is consistently excellent.  One caution, don’t fill up on the hot bread and butter while waiting, which is really easy to do.

spaced interior


We started with the fried eggplant which are dipped in Italian breadcrumbs and then fried and served with bowls of béarnaise sauce and powdered sugar.  While the sauce is terrific, I really prefer the powdered sugar as a garnish.  They were not the best they’ve served as some pieces were larger and not as creamy inside but overall it is a satisfying way to start.

fried eggplant
Frankie liked the named water glass


We split a Crab Maison salad which is Louisiana jumbo lump crab meat tossed with a creole mustard aioli and served on a bed of green onions, capers and lettuce.  It was outstanding.  The crab is fresh, sweet and generously portioned.

Crab Maison (half portion)
wine front
wine back


Fresh crawfish were in that day with the Etouffée being featured.  It contains Louisiana crawfish, shellfish stock trinity, green onion all in a light brown roux with a serving of steamed rice.  It was outstanding.  The crawfish being fresh really made a difference and the depth of flavor in the roux was marvelous.  A small scoop of rice was perfect to mix in the the spicy amazing dish.

Crawfish Etouffée
Great, friendly server Jarrell with Frankie


One of the fresh fish of the day was drum and we had it sautéed with a Meuniére Amandine sauce and then topped with lump crabmeat.  The sauté preparation was less heavy than our usual fried and worked great with the browned butter and toasted slivered almond sauce.  It was a wonderful piece of fish with perfect seasoning and generous sweet crabmeat.

sauteed fish with almondine and crab
another angle


I don’t recommend the desserts here but it is nice to finish with a cup of coffee that comes in your own individual pot.

Frankie and the coffee pot

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