Invasion, Dallas, 3/9/21

exterior, 4029 Crutcher St., Dallas. 75246  (214-272-7312)

Invasion is a “fast food”, gourmet restaurant in at the corner of Haskell and Crutcher in Dallas created by Chef Airric Heidelberg.  Unfortunately,  Heidelberg along with his business partner Agon Raka planned their opening at the same moment that Covid-19 hit and restaurants were shuttered.  They kindly donated much of the food to charity and to this day dedicate a percentage of their profits to prepare and deliver meals to homeless.  I am happy that they are once again up and serving food and have a wonderful patio as well as tables inside.   It is a tiny place containing limited tables but a good sized patio outside and they do a lot of take out business.  You can call your order in ahead of time or line up at the counter and order.  Either way, pick up is at the same spot – the order area which leads to a bit of a bottleneck situation but staff may re-think routing once they’re open a bit with actual walk in traffic.  Currently they offer lunch and dinner Tuesday through Friday and Brunch and dinner on Saturday.  We only tried a couple things but they were fresh, well done and nicely seasoned to provide that ‘invasion’ of taste.

interior (in line)
interior art
Frankie posed with spacemen that had the menu icon
dessert options
inside art
Frankie admired the outdoor mural
outside sign


The Cardi B sandwich is made with buttermilk fried Halal chicken with spiced special sauce, pickled coleslaw jalapeño blend on a buttery toasted bun.  It was not at all too spicy just a good amount of flavor.  There were 2 lightly breaded boneless chicken pieces on a bed of pickled purple cabbage and jalapeño slaw with a small splash of spicy mayonnaise.  The chicken was moist and crunchy.  The sandwich was huge and I think could have easily been split by my husband and I.  All sandwiches come with ‘crisp potatoes’ that were not too crisp but nicely cooked with seasoning – a fun alternative to fries.

Cardi B sandwich with crisp potatoes
crisp potatoes
Frankie looked it over


The Invasion was a sandwich of grilled Halal chicken, tossed with the house-made invasion sauce and topped with sour-cream ranch and pickles on a buttery brioche bun.  The side of crisp potatoes with basil parm was well seasoned with tender potatoes.

Invasion sandwich with basil parm potatoes


We ordered one of their stuffed cookies for dessert but when chef brought it out he included one of each type for us to try.  They were straight out of the oven and consequently had not completely set up, but the ingredients were good and I can see they have potential.  One was  chocolate chip cookie dough cookie stuffed with an oreo like cookie.  The other was a chocolate cookie stuffed with some marshmallow chocolate cookie.  One cookie was enough for 4 to have a good bite of sweetness to end the meal.

stuffed cookie desserts
cookie dough with oreo
chocolate cookie with marshmallow
patio table

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