Sushi Ota, San Diego, 3/24/21


Sushi Ota Restaurant is in a nondescript strip shopping center in San Diego.   They have some indoor tables that are well separated with wood partitions and have also built an outdoor dining area that has plastic roofing and some sides.  At the entry is the large sushi counter that due to Covid has no seating but fresh seafood is in the counter.  The large menu has many options for ordering – lunch specials, the traditional check list or there are 3 plates of sushi combinations.  The combination “C” contains the local sea urchin for which Chef Ota is known, and that was the one we chose.  With the combination plates you also get miso soup and ice cream. Service was well masked, efficient and friendly and tables were distanced and thoroughly cleaned between customers.  The menu offers a good number of beers, wine and saki.

inside the patio
inside the patio
daily specials
sushi bar
check list menu
drink menu
menu icon
Frankie shared the restaurant details


The server brought  wasabi and strips of ginger to the table along with some soy sauce.  The miso soup was filled with small cubes of tofu and topped with shreds of scallion  in a flavorful broth.  It was nice.

Frankie and the condiments


The main course was 12 pieces of sushi. It included marinated tuna, uni, salmon eggs, amberjack, halibut, salmon, snow crab, mackerel, yellowtail, red snapper, toro (tuna belly) and squid.  All were nice with the sea urchin being outstanding.

Sushi combo C, top row L to R: marinated tuna, uni, salmon eggs, amberjack, halibut, salmon.  Lower row L to R: snow crab, mackerel, yellowtail, red snapper, toro and squid
Frankie and a beer


We tried two different ice creams, green tea and sesame.  Both were fairly forgettable.

green tea ice cream
sesame ice cream

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