Ray’s Waterfront, Seward, AK., 7/29/21


Ray’s Waterfront is a seafood restaurant that offers views of the Seward small boat harbor and mountains beyond.  It is a large place on a couple levels, to afford everyone a view.  The walls are decorated with lots of mounted fish in between the numerous windows that overlook the water. Seward is the sight for many day cruises to go see wildlife, icebergs, etc.  They take no reservations and are fairly popular so you can expect a line to get a seat, especially now that they are short staffed due to Covid.  Music is in the background and it seemed to be a place for gatherings.  In addition to seafood they also offer chicken and beef items and there were a couple of daily specials.  The food here is good but fairly ordinary however it is made up for with the fun view of the active harbor.


staffing alert
decorations on the wall
looking outside
decorations on the wall
Looking out
Frankie enjoyed the view



menu cover
wine list


Crab Cakes are made with crab meat, seasoned bread crumbs and then topped with remoulade sauce.  They were nicely crisp on the outside but a bit heavy on the bread inside mixed with small pieces of crab to result in a fairly soft interior for the cake.  The remoulade was good tasting but too strong for the really mild flavor of the crab.  I found it better to eat alone or with a bit of lemon juice.  The lettuce was purely decorative.

Crab cakes


A special offering that day was a half pound of fresh Alaskan King Crab.  They also offered a larger portion, but we took the half pound.   It was served with some tasty and warm clarified butter.  It was nicely cooked and very good,  It was interesting to have some body pieces and not just legs.  It was good.

Alaskan Crab
Frankie checked for leftovers


Halibut Piccata included lemon butter, white wine, capers and mushrooms alongside cilantro lime rice and seasonal vegetables that turned out to be broccoli and yellow squash. The vegetables were heavily cooked but still tasty.  The piccata sauce was heavy on capers but the halibut was moist and nice.  I would have expected the sauce to be more tangy than it was but overall it was a fun, good dish.

Halibut Piccata
Frankie pointed out the table ammenities


Seafood Linguine was made with prawns, Alaskan scallops and codfish, mushrooms, zucchini, onion, garlic cream and parmesan cheese.  There was lots of linguine in the mix and the onions bits were a tad undercooked.  It was a huge portion that all blended well but eaten alone the sauce was a bit salty.  It had a couple of each type of seafood that were mostly distinguishable by sight and texture.  It was good but not subtle.

Seafood Linguine
Frankie studied it closer


We were pretty full so passed on dessert.

Frankie played with one of the fish

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