Denali Brewpub, Talkeetna AK., 7/31/21


Denali Brewpub is in the center of the small town of Talkeetna, nestled at the base of Denali. It is a large place with guests being those arriving by train, outdoor enthusiasts and families.  Dogs are welcome on the large outdoor patio.  Inside there is a log cabin feel with wood ceiling, walls and floor along with a large fireplace.  A bar dominates one of the several rooms and the kitchen is in back.  Lots of decorations adorn the walls, including some of the things for sale.  There is free wi-fi and music is in the background.  A large number of beers are from their brewery that is close by.  Service was good and very friendly but lunch does start at 11:00 not at 10:00 which was on the website.


Frankie and table ammenities


menu 1
menu 2
beverages 1
beverages 2


One of their specialties is Fish ‘n’ Chips where they offer Alaskan cod or halibut.  We chose the latter and it is hand dipped in their house made beer batter, deep fried golden brown and served with zesty tartar sauce and your choice of curly fries or sweet potato wedges.  The halibut costs a good bit more than the cod but the server assured us it was worth the difference and he was right.  The excellent moist fish was encased in a very crispy coating that enhanced the fish.  The 3 good sized pieces were plenty and the tartar sauce was good as it didn’t smother the taste of the fish, although I think I just preferred to eat the fried fish alone.  The curly fries had some coating but stayed nicely crisp.  They were a good accompaniment.

Fish ‘n’ Chips with halibut
inside fish
curly fries
Frankie and a beer

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