Bagaduce Lunch, Penobscot, ME., 8/28/21


Bagaduce Lunch was opened as a roadside fish shack in 1946 in Brooksville Maine.  The original owner’s granddaughter and husband have run the place for 25 years.  They have a system where you order at the window and they call your number when it’s ready.  The area behind the restaurant is set up with picnic tables, outhouses and trash cans.  The site is on the water and so it is lovely backdrop.  The place states they serve only fresh and locally sourced seafood.  The cooking process has not changed since they opened and everything is fried.  It was a strange thing how each item worked differently with the same coating.  They won a James Beard Award in 2008 and are really popular.


line up to order
Frankie played on the traps
75th anniversary



lunch options


We started with a cone of their soft serve orange pineapple.   Flavors do change and they also had regular ice cream.  It came in a standard cone and reminded me of dreamscicle. It was fine and a refreshing way to wait for your food. (Sorry I had a lick before photographing)

soft serve cone


We tried a number of their things but unfortunately threw most of it away. The basket of fish and onion rings was made with haddock.  It was dry with little taste.  The house made onion rings were quite good though with a light crisp coating and thin cut rings.

haddock and onion rings
onion rings


The fried clams were strong tasting or just tasted of a ball of fried coating. They were crisp and worked well with the tartar sauce you order on the side.  You also can order lemon on the side.

fried clams


The fried scallops were too moist and the coating would not adhere to the meat. They had an okay taste just a wrong texture.

fried scallops


The bean salad was made with canned beans and was sweet.  It was a fine example of that kind of salad if that’s what you want. The cole slaw was well seasoned with mayo and again not bad but not spectacular.

green bean salad and cole slaw


Tartar sauce was filled with stuff and tasty.

tartar sauce


Frankie checked to see what’s left

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