Farm Club, Traverse City, 9/30/21


Farm Club is a collaboration of several people to offer a restaurant, bakery, brewery and general store in one place on the Leelanau Peninsula.  The sales area and restaurant are in a modern barn with tons of windows that look out at the additional outside seating areas.  The brewery is on one end of the building and we didn’t go there but you can order their beer with lunch.  At the entrance are shelves of products and produce you can buy as well as breads, cookies, etc.  Light wood is on the tables, cabinets and bench seats, concrete is on the floor and music is in the background.  There is lots of outdoor seating and some tables have umbrellas.  Inside there is table service but for outside you make you order and come get it when your buzzer goes off. Staff were efficient and helpful, but the food was souless – good but not great.  Given its freshness things should have been more flavorful and some of the preparation was lacking.


patio out back
sign on road
growing areas
Frankie found flowers
sign outside
Frankie shared the restaurant details


For Sale

for sale
produce for sale
for sale
for sale
for sale
for sale




You can accompany your meal with beer, cider or wine. In hindsight I’d get beer but we got a carafe of house blend red wine.  It was more like a 1/2 carafe and was not very good.

Frankie and the wine carafe


Fried onion rings made tempura style were from their own grown Ailsa Craig onions with a chili maple glaze.  Ailsa Craig is an old variety from Scotland that is huge with a high sugar content.  The coating was nice and crisp but not cooked through so that some onion slices were melded with white thick goo.  The sauce was really good with it but it needed more – possibly in a separate bowl so it didn’t cause the crisp rings to get soggy.

Fried onion rings
Frankie and the water bottle



Potato Green Chile was a New Mexican style green chile stew made with a large mountain of roasted Anaheim chiles, Oxheart carrots and Nicola taters.  It was mildly spicy and served with corn bread made from house milled heirloom corn. The cornbread was the most dense I’ve had and the broth was nicely spicy.  Served piping hot, it had good flavor but with all the potatoes you didn’t really need cornbread with it.

Potato Green Chile
Frankie napped on the bench


Pozole is only served on Thursday and one of the reasons we went that day.  It is a Mexican stew made with pork, nixtamilized corn and tomatillo green chili paste with veggies on top and a lime to squeeze.  This is the bowl that needed the cornbread – to meld into it and thicken the broth.  The veggies on top were thin sliced radish, chopped onion and lettuce shreds.  The corn was a yellow variety and while the bowl had a nice flavor it had no spark.

Frankie gave it a sniff

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