Kopp’s Frozen Custard, Milwaukee, 12/4/21


Kopp’s Frozen Custard started in the 1950’s and now has 3 locations in the Milwaukee area.  It specializes in frozen custard and large burgers.  You could watch the large stainless makers extruding 3 different custards as we waited for our order.  It was a huge place with no chairs or tables.  Outside was a concrete patio with benches but also no tables.  It struck me as odd to have such a huge place and do only takeout and this didn’t seem to be a Covid reaction.  They also do a good business in takeout bulk orders of custard.  Elsa Kopp opened the place after her husband Karl developed Parkinson’s disease.  Initially it was just vanilla and chocolate custard but gradually she began experimenting with other flavors. Her son Karl now runs the chain and has opened out of state locations.


sign outside
patio (all benches and no tables)
custard streaming
making burgers
founder Elsa Kopp



A cheeseburger with the works comes with American cheese, fried onion, pickle relish, ketchup and mustard.  In retrospect that is what I should have ordered instead of the KRK burger that I ordered.  It was named for the Karl Kopp and is a new burger on the menu – the first in 67 years.    The clerk actually had a laminated print out showing its makeup.   It’s a toasted bun with fried onions, cheese, burger patty, more cheese, tomatoes, onions, bacon and more cheese with mayo, pickles and ketchup (and I know I screwed up the order). It comes with a small order of fries and a couple onion rings.  A good way to try it all – not.  It was a nice soft bun and tasty burger meat but just too much other stuff.  It was really drippy with sauce which is tough to eat in a car.  The fries were soggy and the onion rings pulled apart with the first bite.  In this case simpler would have been better.

presentation  (different for this one, it usually is just a bag)
2 rings and small fries
from the side


The Turtle Sundae was caramel vanilla ice cream with tons of toasted pecans and caramel and fudge sauces.  The custard was good but hard to find under all the sauce and nuts.  Mind you the sauces were both premium quality and the pecans delicious but I couldn’t taste the frozen custard.  I did enjoy the other parts but next time I want to try something I need to learn to get the most stripped down version.

Turtle sundae
from the side

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  1. I think I would really love this place. I don’t do ketchup on burgers or dogs! I’d have had an American with no tomato or ketchup. I’m thinking if they had served the sundae in a banana split boat it would have given you a more even taste although I like a little ice cream with my pecans! Thanks for sharing this review. Now, let me go get some lunch.

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