Vietnam Cafe, Kansas City, 12/8/21


Vietnam Cafe is located in a corner building near downtown KC and is known for its Pho noodle soup, particularly the broth.  Long simmered bones and aromatic spices and to its flavor.  The interior was recently renovated and so with bare walls it appeared spartan but the crowds still arrived.  Faint music is in the background and the windows to the street let in plenty of natural light to supplement the already bright lighting.  Service was friendly and quick and portions were large.


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Frankie pointed out the table condiments



We started with an order of Cha Gio or deep fried eggrolls with ground pork, cabbage, carrots and bean vermicelli served with a side of their house fish sauce.  They had a nice meat to cabbage ratio but the exterior was not crisp enough for them to have been freshly fried.

Cha Gio
rolls closer


A bowl of Pho Bo was a rice noodle soup topped with eye of round thinly sliced beef on the top,   A side plate of cilantro, bean sprouts and sliced jalapeno with a couple lime slices was presented for the table.  The soup had lots of noodles on the bottom and a generous amount of the sliced beef with sliced onions on top.  The broth had almost a sweet flavor to the tasty broth but the side plate did not have much cilantro compared to the bean sprouts.  The mint was quite good.  I added a spot of salt to the broth and the jalapeño added little spiciness.  It was good but not outstanding.

Pho Bo
noodles stirred up
side of seasonings
Frankie sniffed the broth

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