Eaton St. Seafood Market, Key West, 1/28/22


Eaton St. Seafood Market is in an old gas station building where in the market you can buy and take home to cook, or order from their menu.  Things like fish sandwich, tacos or salad can be made from any fish in the sales case – all with the same price from the menu.   Most items come with plantain chips but you can substitute potato chips or fries for an upcharge.  After you order and pay, you grab your number and beverage and wait out on the patio in front.  There’s lots of shade from tenting and umbrellas.  Beverages include wine and beer as well as soft drinks and juices.  On the patio you’ll find a station with extra hot sauces and utensils as well as roosters and chickens roaming the area.  Some music was in the background from a radio somewhere.   The counter person was very friendly and helpful in making selections.

Visiting rooster
Visiting hen


The counter person liked the fish tacos so we each got some.  They include any fresh fish or shrimp and can be grilled or blackened then mixed with spring mix, cabbage, tomato, and key lime mustard sauce served in soft tacos of corn or flour with a cup of cole slaw and plantain chips.  He suggested grilled so the taste of the fish comes through better and corn tortillas.  We went with his advice and one had hogfish and the other grouper.  The hogfish was the better of the 2, but both could have used more sauce or something to pick up the flavor profile, even though the fish was cooked nicely.  The slaw was sweet and pretty heavily dressed.  The plantains are an acquired taste but crisp and salty which the fish needed. I loved the concept but would need to go a bit to tweak the tastiness of the food.

Fish tacos with hogfish
fish tacos with grouper
Frankie shared the details


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