El Siboney Restaurant, Key West, 1/28/22


El Siboney, named for an indigenous tribe and now a town in Cuba, opened in 1984, changing owners in 2004 but is still family owned and operated.  There are 2 locations in the Key West area.  We were at the one at 900 Catherine Street and it was good sized with a nice amount of parking around the building.   They are well known for their reasonable prices, family-friendly ambiance, large portions and tasty food.  The exterior looks like a brick house and inside seating is throughout numerous rooms with lots of decorations on the wood walls in each room as well as a bar in the front room.  Tables are well spaced and the oil cloth is covered with a hard sheet of plastic (must be lots of sharing across the table) and music is in the background.  The staff are friendly and efficient.

sign with restaurant details


outside sign
Frankie was the size of the chicks


menu 1
menu 2
Frankie checked out the condiments



A basket of buttered Cuban bread was first brought to the table.  It was tender and well flavored.  It was a dangerous snack to put out with the size of the portions to come.



We had heard about their housemade sangria and tried a glass of it.  It also comes in pitchers and half pitchers too.  It was sweet, tangy and cool.  If you’re a fan I bet it is a good variation but if I went again I’d order beer.

Frankie tried a sangria


The Cuban Mix sandwich has ham, roast pork, salami, cheese, lettuce, mustard, and pickles in a pressed sandwich. It was a flavorful mix of ingredients and nice textural contrast with the crisp bread and soft interior.  A good one.

Cuban Mix sandwich
Frankie made friends


The Pork (Puerco) sandwich is made with pulled pork on puffy bread which is coated with mayo.  Lettuce, tomato and onions add to the flavor as well as some pork jus that melded into the bread.  The pork had been nicely seasoned and is moist on the lovely soft bread.  It was a mouthful that became a fork and knife venture.  It’s a pork lovers paradise.

pork sandwich
pulled apart
Frankie posed

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