Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf, Chicago, 2/24/22


Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf is a large steakhouse offering traditional cuisine with a French flair.  The place has no windows and so is quite dark with yellow lighting and music in the background.  There are a number of rooms with lots of booths, free standing tables and bar stools.  Lots of mirrors on the walls, candles on the table and large chandeliers give it a ‘cabaret’ feel.  It is a sister restaurant to Au Cheval, which does not take reservations.  The service was great and the bar made good strong cocktails.  In addition to the menu there were a couple nightly specials, one fish and one meat. The server was well informed about the menu and able to guide our selections and quantities.  They now have a second location in Las Vegas.  It is a fun and tasty place to eat.

Frankie shared the restaurant details
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While we enjoyed a martini they brought out some wonderful sourdough bread.  Thickly sliced with a great doughy interior and crispy crust, it came with a really yellow tasty butter.  It was hard not to gobble down the entire piece right away.

Frankie enjoyed a martini
bread and butter


The Wedge Salad came in small and large and the server suggested we split the small and he was right.  It came with egg, bacon, gorgonzola, ranch and onion.  The chopped iceberg was topped with good sized pieces of caramelized bacon steak with two wedges of hard-boiled egg.  Dressing was on the side and chunks of gorgonzola were sprinkled throughout the lettuce.  It was a generous portion for 2 and great.  It had tons of flavor and lots of fun textures.

Small Wedge Salad


The Classic Ribeye – Chicago Cut was 16 oz and came with béarnaise and steak salt.  The steak was cooked a perfect warm center rare with a good char on the outside.  The sauce was a tasty addition but mostly you didn’t need anything but a touch of the salt.  It was tender enough with nice beefy flavor.

The Classic Ribeye – Chicago Cut with béarnaise
little closer
Frankie sniffed the steak salt


An order of Pommes Frites came in a cone presentation with garlic aioli on the side.  They were hot, crisp and freshly fried.  I actually liked dipping them in the béarnaise as well as the aioli.  Again plenty in one order for 2 people.

Pommes Frites
Garlic aioli
Frankie hung out with the candle and water bottle


We were too full for dessert but couldn’t resist a scoop of the salted caramel ice cream.  It comes with complimentary hot fudge that was thick and rich.  (The menu indicates you have to request the hot fudge but our server brought it without asking – now that’s good).  The ice cream had a wonderful texture and flavor.  This was a perfect end to a fine meal.

salted caramel ice cream with hot fudge
Frankie approved

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