Cry Wolf (update), Dallas, 4/10/22

oysters – 4422 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX 75246

Cry Wolf is such a treasure, I can’t not post it when we go.  Chef Ross Demers has moved the bar high for other Dallas establishments and so has sommelier and General Manager Tim Case.  The menu is constantly changing but what is consistent is that there are no duds.  You won’t find me saying that about many places.  It doesn’t fill you with bread and there is only one small candy for dessert but somehow that all works magically.  When you find that rare place that is operating at such a level you really want your friends to experience it too.   So, here is the latest meal at this gem of east Dallas.

Bartender LJ (Larry) and Frankie


Cascumpec Oysters came with a chardonnay mignonette and house prepared horseradish.  Presented on ice, these medium size oysters were a perfect taste of sea air.  The mignonette added just the right touch to them.  Wonderful.

Cascumpec Oysters, chardonnay mignonette and house prepared horseradish


Grilled Spanish Octopus came with avocado, black garlic, potatoes and chorizo oil.  This was delicious grilled octopus – so tender and tasty.  The avocado was mild and nicely balanced with the garlic.  This was a lick the plate kind of dish.

Grilled Spanish Octopus


Bibb lettuce was dressed with a red wine vinaigrette on a slice of Fourme d’Ambert.  The beautiful leaves of bibb lettuce were lightly dressed with vinaigrette and underneath was the prize – the slice of Fourme d’Ambert, a semi-hard French blue cheese.  Another delicious combination of ingredients.

Bibb lettuce


Pappardelle was tossed with ramps, maitake mushroom and charred tomato.  The tender wide noodles were in a vegetarian mix today.  The charred cherry tomatoes had good flavor and added to the sauce.  Also in the mix were some fiddlehead ferns and chives.  The mushrooms were ultra good for a really fine dish.



Braised leg quarter of Guinea foul was on creamy sherry lentils with a demi glace.  The dark meat was nicely moist and was perfectly matched with the deeply flavored lentils.

Braised Leg Quarter of Guinea Foul


Grilled Texas acorn fed pork Pluma was with green garlic butter and topped with escargot.  All the ‘entree’ dishes were good but this one was exceptional.  The tender, juicy pork was terrific on its own but when mixed with the sauce and/or escargot it was divine.  A treat for your tongue and tastebuds.  Total yum here.

Grilled Texas Acorn Fed Pork Pluma


A pina colada candy finished the meal.

final treats


Frankie watched Chef Demers

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  1. We so enjoyed our meal here with you. Glad that was a must on your list for our visit!!

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