Carl’s Deli, Cincinnati, 4/23/22

exterior – 2836 Observatory Ave # A, Cincinnati, OH 45208

Carl’s Deli dates back to 1938.  The owner Anne McManus was practically raised there as her parents owned the deli in 1968 but sold it in 1990.  When that owner decided to sell he contacted McManus first and she was then ready to take over.   Now a local hangout, there are tables inside and outside but they also do catering, ready to eat take out and gift baskets.  They also sell wine.  It’s a small place with most of the interior taken up by sales counters.  The menu on the wall lists lots of sandwich combinations or you craft your own combo.  We ordered at the counter and they pretty quickly had our delicious sandwiches ready to eat.  This is a good place.  I can see why it’s so popular.


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Carl’s Reuben contained hot corned beef and Swiss on rye with sauerkraut (or cole slaw) and 1000 Island dressing.  The nicely toasted rye had good flavor as did the corned beef.  It had just the right amount of dressing to accent and meld the flavors into a fine version of a Reuben.

sandwich presentation
Carl’s Reuben


The Carl’s Country Club contained rotisserie turkey, Swiss, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise on white toast.  The meats and cheese were fresh sliced and there were just 2 slices of toast.  The balance of ingredients was good and all were quite tasty.  It was good.

Carl’s Country Club
Frankie posed

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