Pasture PDX, Portland, OR., 7/29/22

exterior – 1413 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR., 97211

Pasture PDX bills itself as “a whole animal butcher shop and restaurant that offers a wide variety of meat cuts, cured products and sausages”.  Owner Kei Ohdera and John Schaible met while working in New York in 2014.  In early 2019 they started doing pop-ups in Portland featuring meat of retired dairy cows and European-style butchery – in an effort to recreate the experience they had with high-quality meats offered in New York restaurants.  They opened the permanent location near the end of 2021, with the aid of a “Kickstarter” campaign, and now offer lunch and dinner on Thurs. and Fri and a butcher case as well as locally sourced products, beer and wine.  It’s a small yet very tasteful space with tables out front, meal supplies (including cloth napkins) on a cart, and the order counter behind all that.  Next to the area is the butcher counter and shelves of local products for sale.  The menu is via smartphone link but can be found on their website <>.  They ask you to bus your own tables and orders can be over the phone.  There is music in the background and both owners were working in the shop and very friendly.  The sandwiches were great.  I totally recommend the place.


Frankie liked the tables
for sale
meat in counter
for sale
Frankie found more items for sale and cookbooks
table amenities
menu link
Frankie looked out the window



The R.B. was roasted top round with provolone, pepper relish and onion. The breads for both sandwiches were very nice and the tastes were clean and fresh.  This cold sandwich was on a soft bun.  There was some flavor of horseradish in something, maybe the sauce, that melded all the flavors nicely.  The meat had a good beefy flavor and was nicely thin-sliced rare.  Very good.

The R. B. – roast beef
from the side


The Cubano must have been a special recommended by the person at the counter and he was right on.  It was a warm sandwich on a toasted panini bun with pickled peppers, shredded lettuce, onion, cheese, roasted pork coppa, ham, Swiss cheese and sauce.  It was loaded with flavorful ingredients that all went together so well.  This one was a standout.  They have chips and such to go with but for me the sandwich was just right by itself.

The Cubano?
from the side
Frankie looked over the Cubano

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