Cranberry Over Superior, Herbster, WI., 8/26/22

exterior – 86985 Lenawee Rd., Herbster, WI, 54844 

The Cranberry Over Superior is so named as it overlooks Lake Superior and is on the Cranberry River. One block from the Herbster beach, they have drinks from a full bar as well as non-alcoholic choices, lunch and dinner. The regular menu has lots of fun-sounding options but they also have daily specials. Seating is at the bar, on the patio or in 2 inside rooms.  We sat on some bar stools looking out at Lake Superior and listening to the radio music from the kitchen.  Lots of memorabilia is on the walls for other visual entertainment.  The owner, Lacey Lynn Lueth, was tending the bar and taking orders but later moved into cooking in the kitchen.  She opened the place in Feb. 2022 and you can visit Thursday – Sunday.  All the people working there were super friendly and welcoming and the food is good – give it a try.


welcome sign and info
bear mount with hive
menu chalkboard
menu – chalkboard 2
daily specials
menu printed
menu printed 2



Lola’s Pot pie contains pulled chicken, carrots, celery, onion, thyme and cream all covered with a puff pastry crust. Named for the owner’s daughter, it is delicious.  We split one as an appetizer and it was filled with freshly cooked vegetables and chicken pieces.  It was well seasoned and the crust was flakey and tender.

chicken pot pie
from the side
Frankie thought I should leave some for her


The Oakie Style Burger is made with 2-quarter pound beef patties, shaved onions, American cheese, pickle slices and special sauce on a brioche bun.  This was a wonderful drippy burger filled with flavor.   Normally it comes with kettle chips but you can substitute fries or rings for an upcharge.  The rings are freshly made in the back with a beer (Spotted Cow) batter and well worth every penny.  Their crisp coating perfectly adhered to the onion slices and they were yummy.  I’m ready to go back and have this plate again.

Oakie Style Burger and rings


Friday is the fish fry with crispy whitefish, slaw, hand-cut fries, tartar sauce and Texas toast.  The fries were a small cut and varied in crispness but with good potato flavor.  They were heavily seasoned with garlic powder that left a wonderful flavor in the mouth.  The slaw was tasty but drippy, yet not overly dressed with mayo.  I liked it.  The fish was fairly moist with a good crisp coating and a really nice tartar sauce for dipping.

Friday fish fry
closer fries and slaw
Frankie showed the inside of the fish
Owner and cook Lacey Lynn Lueth and Frankie

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  1. Great-looking place. It’s funny that other regions always put bell/green peppers on their cheesesteaks. That’s actually not a thing in Philly.

    1. Thinking about your recent supply of cheesesteak postings and you’re right! Funny, here in Texas they often offer the option of including jalapeño or banana peppers. Bell peppers would be more midwest, where spicy food is not as common. Good observation!

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