Casita Tex-Mex, Dallas, 9/8 & 14/22

exterior – 5807 Blackwell St., Dallas, TX

Casita Tex-Mex has been in business for 40 years but in Dec. 2020 they closed for a year and a half after a fire.  The kitchen fire caused owners Norma and Alfonso Valles, who bought the place in 2007, to completely rebuild the interior, and this was on top of dealing with shutdowns due to the Covid pandemic.  The building was also a restaurant even further back, in the 1960s as Casita Dominguez, and thus has a lot of long-time and loyal customers.  They were back in force when it re-opened on August 30.  The interior is clean, bright, and new but the food is tried and true.  There are a number of square tile-topped tables that can be positioned to suit party size and several high-top tables in the bar area, which also has seats facing the bar.  A patio with tables runs along the front of the place and by the time we left, it was pretty much full.  Service was friendly but challenged by the crowd.   TVs are on the walls but the sound was muted.  It was well worth a visit and I went back a week later to try another plate.


tile tables



While we waited to place our order the table was serviced with water, hot crisp chips, and tasty salsa.  The salsa had a mild but fun amount of kick and the crisp chips had a good corn flavor.

chips and salsa


Rick’s Special is made up of two cheese enchiladas with chile con carne topped with beef or chicken fajita slices and served with rice and refried beans.  We chose the beef fajita but it was a bit tough.  However, the enchiladas did not disappoint as they were tender and well stuffed with cheese.  A tasty chile sauce and some pico de gallo finished the enchilada portion.  A sign of a good Tex-Mex restaurant is the rice and beans and these were first-rate.  The rice was perfectly cooked, moist, and flavorful.  The beans were creamy and decorated with a bit of cheese for another good side.

Rick’s Special


The Poblano plate contains one tostada with guacamole, one beef taco, one cheese taco, one beef enchilada, rice, and beans.  It came on 2 plates.  The guacamole was too green tasting for me.  The cheese taco was a crisp shell variety and it was filled with queso-like sauce, lettuce, and tomato.  Add a little of the table salsa to this one and it was great.  The beef taco had well-seasoned meat with lettuce and tomato.  Together the 2 tacos blended well.   The second plate had a tasty and tender beef enchilada covered with chile and cheese.  I love when you can get a tender tortilla on an enchilada and this one had that.  The same wonderful rice and beans finished the plate.

Poblano plate
guacamole, one beef taco, one cheese taco
one beef enchilada, rice, and beans


On the next visit we tried the Mexican Flag plate which had one Monterey Jack cheese enchilada with salsa verde, one chicken enchilada with sour cream sauce, and one beef enchilada with chile con carne all served with rice and beans.  The enchiladas were all tender and tasty as well as well stuffed.  The rice and beans were still a real addition to the plate.  I’ll be back again!

Mexican flag plate
Frankie enjoys chips and salsa


2 thoughts on “Casita Tex-Mex, Dallas, 9/8 & 14/22

  1. First, I LOVE FRANKIE!
    Second, as a native Texan I judge Tex Mex places by the rice, beans, and also the cheese enchiladas!
    Your blog is wonderful, thank you for creating it.
    Much Love,

    1. Thank You for your kind comment! You are right about rice and beans. Too often they’re a filler on the plate and dull. This place had good renditions of both and tender enchilada tortillas. Reminded me of another favorite Gonzalez in Oak Cliff. Thanks again!

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