Lucian Books and Wine, Atlanta, 9/9/22

exterior –3005 Peachtree Rd. NE Suite 300, Atlanta, GA., 30305

Lucian Books and Wine is a book shop that also serves lunch and dinner Tues. through Saturday.  Named for artist Lucian Freud it is a small gem of a place.  It has a large, thoughtful wine list along with amazing food from Chef Brian Hendrickson, with a backdrop of books to browse and/or buy.  The single room has an aisle that passes by the tall bookshelves and on the other side of a low wall are small tables and a bar.  The bar is set with chairs also.  The menu changes with the seasons and is fairly small at lunch.  Since we were there with another couple we were able to try a great many of their offerings and they were all wonderful, some crossing over to the spectacular level.  The service was outstanding and I strongly urge you to try this place if you get a chance.


Frankie shared restaurant details
Frankie found a drawing of the building on the other side of the card



Bikini was the name for a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.  It was cut into 4 triangles and perfectly cooked.  A crisp edge was great with creamy cheese and thinly sliced ham.  A yummy bite.



Chicken liver paté with cherry and toast was divine.  The buttery slices of toast were alongside the creamy paté topped with cherry.  The topping blended really nicely where I could have eaten it with a spoon – no need to spread on toast – it was that good.

Chicken liver paté with cherry and toast


Lobster salad with trout roe and potato gaufrettes was quite good but the potato gaufrettes (chips) were better.  The salad was blended with lots of fun textures and tastes and the chips were dusted with herbs.

Lobster salad with trout roe and potato gaufrettes


Omelette with caviar and creme fraiche was smooth heaven.  The amazingly tender omelette was delicious with or without the lovely caviar topping and filled with cheese.  It was even better when eaten with a bit of the herbed creme fraiche.  This was a great one.

Omelette with caviar and creme fraiche


Duck leg was with lady peas and cherry tomato and unfortunately got eaten into before I got a photo.  The skin on the leg was nicely crisped and rendered of fat.  The peas were quite good as were the tomatoes but the dish didn’t cross into great territory, but I did prefer it to the salmon.

Duck leg was with lady peas and cherry tomato


Salmon was on a bed of chanterelles, corn, and pancetta.  The nice size piece of salmon was cooked perfectly with a great crisp skin.  If you are a salmon lover this will be for you.

Salmon with chanterelles, corn, and pancetta


Fries with tarragon mayonnaise were so good we had to order a second helping.  They were a crisp, medium cut mixed with fried herb leaves.  The taste of the potato was wonderfully encased in the crisp exterior but also fun dipped in the well-seasoned mayo.  They are not to be missed.

Fries with tarragon mayonnaise
second order of Fries with tarragon mayonnaise was even better


Vanilla panna cotta was topped with peach and honey.  The ultra-smooth vanilla custard was excellent and the peaches were perfectly ripe and delicious.  The bit of honey sauce was wonderful with the custard.  It felt light and refreshing to eat.

vanilla panna cotta


Chocolate budino was covered with toasted hazelnuts.  The thick delicious chocolate was perfect with the well-roasted flavorful nuts.  The chocolate was rich but not overdone.  It was a second perfect dessert.

chocolate budino
Frankie was wowed by the desserts

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