The Restaurant at The Park Inn (second visit), Hammondsport, NY., 9/22/22

exterior – 37 Shether St., Hammondsport, NY, 14840

We ate at The Restaurant at the Park Inn the night before and were scheduled to eat again the next two nights.  We opted for a cocktail in the room first so went straight to wine.  It is very approachable food with a menu that makes you want to try all of it.   See the post of 9/21/22 if you want more photos of the interior.


East Coast Oysters on the Half Shell are served on ice with smoked cocktail sauce and preserved lemon mignonette.  The Prince Edward Island oysters were divine plain or with either sauce.  The smoky cocktail sauce was a twist on the ordinary and while I liked it, it did cover the flavor of the oyster.  The mignonette was very lemon tart with lots of garlic and seemed to set off the flavor better.  This plate came with 6 but could be ordered for more.

East Coast Oysters on the Half Shell (6)


Crab Cake was alongside Glenn Scott Farm (GSF) kale and tomato salad and a tomato beurre blanc.  It could be ordered with one cake as an appetizer or 2 for an entree.  I really enjoyed the kale and tomato salad but the crab cake had too much filling for me.  It had a perfect sear on the outside but the ratio was off for my tastes.

crab cake
Fun server Connor and Frankie


Grilled 16 oz. Bone-in Rib Eye was plated with roasted potato and GSF B. L. T. salad dressed with Yonder blue cheese dressing.  The steaks came very well charred on the outside yet remained nicely red on the inside.  The meat had good flavor and was tender.  The new potatoes were hidden under the meat and while mine were perfectly tender, my husband had some less perfectly cooked. The salad had tons of tasty bacon and tomatoes to mix with the lettuce for a real winning side.

Grilled 16 oz. Bone-in Rib Eye
Second Grilled 16 oz. Bone-in Rib Eye


Carrot Cake had a cream cheese frosting and was alongside pineapple sorbet.  The cake was okay but didn’t steal the show.  The pineapple was a fun flavor to mix with it but I do prefer the texture of ice cream to sorbet.  The cake had good icing but overall it didn’t wow me like the doughnuts did the night before.

carrot cake and pineapple sorbet
Frankie appreciated having a cold bottle of water on the table

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