Fords Lobster/Haring’s Marine, Noank, CT., 11/4/22

exterior – 15 Riverview Ave., Noank, CT., 06340

Fords Lobster at Haring’s Marine is in Noank, CT, next to Mystic.  The Haring family started with a gas dock/bait and tackle store in the 1950s.  Orion Ford took over the business in 1970 and added a retail lobster shack, which still runs today.  He retired in 2005 when Kris and Kerrie took over but after 5 years they realized the business couldn’t sustain itself as it was and they purchased a hot dog cart to sell lobster rolls out of.  It was so successful that they were able to re-do the interior of the dining room in 2012.  They serve locally sourced ingredients right next to the fishing docks where the catch is brought in.  There is a small interior and a number of tables on the patio outside.  Their hours vary, so check the website and they are BYOB.   Inside they had table service and you can fill your short wait for food by looking at the old photos and articles that decorate the walls.  Windows to the outside let in plenty of light and music was in the background.  Most of the lobster items were labeled MK, so that varies but the server was glad to quote prices for us.  The lobster was excellent and I would heartily recommend this place.


lobster sign
patio dining
building decorated with bumpers
Frankie checked out the table set up



We split the Bisque Bomb which is a fresh round sourdough loaf hollowed out and filled with 1/2 pound of lobster meat. That day the MK was $56 and $2 extra for the bisque, and it was well worth the price.   It is served buttered and warm and can be covered with the lobster bisque but we asked for it on the side.  That way you could taste it in a variety of ways.  The plate came with fries and slaw.  It was all terrific.  The bisque was a good texture and was filled with tiny bits of lobster and tremendous flavor.  The sourdough bread was toasted on the top and was outstanding.  I found myself pulling out bits of the bottom and using them to clean up any remaining bits of bisque.  The lobster was from tail, claw, and body meat and was sweet and tender.  The slaw was fresh, crisp, and not overdressed.  The fries were a fresh-cut potato that felt like a single fry but with good potato flavor and a nice texture.  We split one because dinner was just a few hours away but I’m sure I could have easily devoured the bomb and sides.

Lobster Bomb with creamy lobster bisque on the side
another angle
lobster bisque
fresh cut fries
inside of bread bowl
Frankie admired the lobster plates

5 thoughts on “Fords Lobster/Haring’s Marine, Noank, CT., 11/4/22

  1. Great post! We used to go to Abbott’s in Noank — Nancy’s parents had a place in Groton Long Point (we honeymooned there right when Jaws came out) as often as we could afford back then. We stopped there about 10 years ago, and it had lost some charm. This really looks like a step up. Thanks for the report!

    1. We were prepared for a line but lucked out with an off time. I’m amazed you know the town! Small place and times have been hard for many of the businesses. These folks have ‘cleaned up the place’, but I loved all the old photos of what was. Thanks for your comment!

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