Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock, New London, CT., 11/6/22

exterior – 80 Hamilton Street, New London, CT., 06320

Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock started in 1996 between the AMTRAK line and Crocker’s Boatyard.  The location is a little hidden and your car map will not take you exactly there but drive around the harbor and you’ll see all the parked cars.  It’s worth the hunt.  You order at the window and pick up when called.  Eating is at outdoor picnic tables, some with cover and others not.  They are open daily until Dec. 24.  You can bring your own beer or wine and try and get there early as reputation draws a crowd.  It was a fun place to sit while we waited a short bit for our food.  Several trains passed by in the meantime.


eating area
order window and menu
daily specials
Captain Scott
Frankie watched the boats
looking back from eating area
Frankie found their name on the water cups



Hot Lobster Roll is their most popular item and contains hot lobster meat drizzled with warm butter on a toasted roll.  It comes in 2 sizes and is served with coleslaw and tartar sauce.  We got the large size but the rolls are for one person and the only change I’d make would be to add the extra butter I saw a sign for on the counter.  We also added a bit of salt.  The fresh lobster meat was excellent served on nicely toasted bread.  It was well stuffed.  The coleslaw was good, not overdressed with tasty crisp cabbage.

lobster rolls and onion rings
closer large roll
from the side
from the top


We added a large order of onion rings as we read they made them but they seemed more of a pre-made frozen variety.  They were fine, crisp, and not greasy but the onion was lost.  The salty crisp was good with the roll, though.

onion rings
Frankie made a friend

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    1. Sorry I don’t know. We had some clam chowder at a different place but didn’t look for fried ones. I was more on a hunt for lobster and oysters. We’d had some awful one in Newport and that may have put us off more fried clams yet. Lol, I grew up liking the fried clams at Howard Johnson- and talk about a bad rendition. Thanks for your comment!

      1. It was a family favorite growing up. In adulthood I tried one and was shocked at how bad it seemed. My age old question, did I change or did the food? I’m pretty sure I have!

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