Kitchen Little at The Mystic River Marina, Mystic, CT., 11/7/22

building –36 Quarry Rd., Mystic, CT., 06355

Kitchen Little is at the Mystic River Marina and serves breakfast all day except Tues. when they’re closed.  They also offer lunch options but close at 1:00 pm.  It is a medium-sized indoor room, on the second level,  with windows overlooking the marina and outdoor tables wrapping around the perimeter.  They are very popular so be prepared to wait for service – there was only one server with a helper the day we visited.  Food comes quickly once your order is taken but meanwhile, the server kept our coffee cups filled and the view was fun as some boats were being moved to dry dock in anticipation of the winter months.  The back wall is blank as the kitchen is behind it but another wall had a large window looking into the marina shop below.  The paper placemats on the table had ads for local businesses as well as an overhead photo of the marina and the restaurant’s location.  The food was fine but not exceptional but the service was friendly and I’d go again for the view.


interior (note name on the oars)
Frankie checked out the table amenities



The #2 is the S’medley – one of their breakfast originals.  Two fluffy scrambled eggs atop a medley of homefries, breakfast sausage, fresh mushrooms, and onions, all smothered with melted American cheese and served with white or wheat toast.  We chose white toast and it was okay.  The scramble was moist and filled with goodies and then topped with white cheese.  It was a filling breakfast.

#2 S’medley
Frankie found the flatware in a paper bag


The #2 1/2 contains two eggs any style, served with fresh grilled biscuits covered with sausage gravy and homefries on the side. I had the eggs over-easy and they nicely put them beside the biscuits so the eggs didn’t overcook.  The gravy was on the thick side but filled with bits of tasty sausage.  The light biscuits had been toasted on one side and that added texture to the dish.  The potatoes were well-colored but didn’t have the flavor to match.  They were a bit dry and rubbery, but the biscuits and gravy when mixed with the runny eggs made the plate a good one.

#2.5 = biscuits with sausage gravy
Frankie pointed out the coffee mug


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