Cry Wolf (update), Dallas, 3/23/23

Chef Ross Demers

Frankie took the night off and we slipped into Cry Wolf for a delicious dinner.  We were lucky to snag reservations for the Chef’s Counter seats where you are able to see all the dishes get prepared and chat with the talented chefs.  What a treat to find owner Ross Demers at the grill.   The menu had changed quite a bit in the month since we were there and many exciting choices were available.  Also, Sommelier Tim Case had added some fun new wines and Sous Chef Mike Stites was doing the finishing touches before the plates were served.  I’ve described this place before but my rule of thumb is to go as often as you can while a place is hot – you never know what the future holds.  So, get there now cause this place is on the top of its game.

wine front
wine back


Louisiana Blue Crab Salad came with speck, basil and citrus with an elderflower foam.  Tons of lump crabmeat were mixed with the tasty ham all covered with a citrusy elderberry foam.  This one was to die for.   Sorry I didn’t get an interior shot it disappeared too fast.

Louisiana Blue Crab Salad


Maryland soft-shell crab was plated with morel mushrooms, English peas, and embered butter.   The fresh soft shell was lightly sautéed in butter and then covered with the embered, or browned butter, before serving.  The morels were cut which helped release their fine flavor.  The tiny peas were sweet and blended nicely with all. Another winner.

Maryland Soft Shell Crab


Tagliatelle was mixed with razor clams, chili, garlic and wine. The razor clams were large but perfectly cooked with no grit left in the shell.  Tons of garlic really set them off with a hint of spiciness from the chili. It was divine.

Tagliatelle and Razor Clams


Redfish was plated with red pepper sugo, Sugar Snappy’s, Benton’s bacon and Breakfast radish.   The fish was cooked nicely and the large pieces of bacon were very smoky but this one didn’t have the wow factor of the others. Don’t get me wrong, it was good it just didn’t make you want to lick the plate, but then I was starting to fill up.

Redfish, sugar snaps, Benton’s Bacon, radish


Colorado lamb neck was with confit artichoke, white asparagus and Bearnaise. This one did have the wow factor.  The tender lamb was cooked a nice medium rare and was sooo tasty, especially with the rich sauce.   The asparagus was thin and tender and the artichoke just the right amount of extra savory flavor for the plate.  Yum here.

Colorado Lamb Neck, white asparagus, artichoke


The dessert was lemon cookies with thyme and pine nuts. They were buttery and crispy with a few nuts on top. Just the right finish for another fine meal.

lemon, pinenut cookies


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