Gualala Seafood Shack, Gualala, CA., 3/25/23

exterior – 38820 S, CA-1 Unit 104, Gualala, CA 95445

Gualala Seafood Shack is a small place with shared picnic-style tables inside and tables on the outside patio.   Located in a one-story shopping center, you order at the counter from the menu hanging above but there are also signs about specials hanging on the window as you walk in.  After you order and pay, you get a beeper to buzz you when your order is ready.  Afterward, there is a place to stack trays and baskets and throw out the trash.    Music is in the background and bathrooms are available inside but this is a no-frills place.  They advertise that their seafood is sourced locally and are closed on Monday and Tuesday.


sign on road



One special was a Dungeness Crab Melt that was a crab salad with mayo and green onions, tabasco and American cheese on a shack roll.  The sandwich also came with fries but it was not cut.  The cheese was well melted but the tabasco was too heavy for me and the crab had no sweetness or was totally covered by the unbalance of seasonings.  This one found its way to the trash instead of my stomach.

Dungeness crab melt
another view


Another special was Prawns & Chips which came with prawns, fries, lemon and tartar sauce.  It was the far better of the two options.  The large juicy prawns were lightly coated and the tartar sauce did not overwhelm them.  The frying oil did leave them with some taste but overall they were fine.  The fries were a small cut but still managed to get coated.  They were crisp and plentiful.

prawns and chips
Frankie checked out the condiments

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    1. Thanks! It did sound great but you only win some of the time and this one just didn’t make it. Should have gotten 2 of the prawns – they were so much better.

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