Garnett’s Cafe, Richmond, 4/8/23

exterior – 2001 Park Ave, Richmond, VA 23220

Garnett’s Cafe is a small neighborhood sandwich/salad shop on the lower floor of a 1908 corner building.  Parking is on the street and seating is limited.  There are several small tables in addition to seats at the L-shaped counter.  Art and other objects decorate the walls.  Wine and beer are available and there was a special sandwich of the day on the chalkboard outside.  They are open daily for lunch and dinner and also have a selection of desserts from Laura Lee’s.  Opening in 2009 they received a local dining award, an Elby, as the city’s Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant in 2014.  The place was named for the owner, Kendra Feather’s, grandmother Garnett Beckham, who lived to 103.  The staff was friendly and the food was good, with large portions.  We were there to catch up with a friend so apologies in advance as my note-taking and photo taking were distracted.


menu cover
on the table
on the table
on the street



All sandwiches come with a choice of one side and we all chose the housemade pickles.  They were mildly tart, very crisp slices.  A very fun option to chips or something starchy.



The Big Daddy was a sandwich of roast beef, ham, turkey, bacon, Swiss, and lettuce on Boston Brown bread.  This one was piled so high with ingredients you couldn’t get your mouth around it.  We substituted Italian bread for the Boston Brown.  The fillers were nicely flavored but only half of the sandwich was consumed.  Truly a Big one.

The Big Daddy
from the side


The Grilled Florentine contained cheddar, spinach, red onion and garlic aioli on grilled rye bread.  The nicely grilled rye held the well-melded ingredients.  It was quite tasty according to our friend.

Grilled Florentine


The Croque Garnett contained Black Forest ham Gruyére, tomato and herb mayo on grilled Italian bread and was topped with Mornay sauce.  This one was a fork and knife affair with all the rich lovely sauce on top and alongside.  The cheese was well melted and the ingredients blended together nicely and then you dipped a bite into the sauce and it was deliciousness coming to your mouth.  Highly recommend this one.

Croque Garnett
from the side


The chocolate cake was a thick slice of moist 2-layer cake covered with a generous amount of chocolate buttercream icing.  It was rich and chocolaty.

chocolate cake
Frankie obeyed the sign

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