Goose the Market, Indianapolis, 4/19/23

exterior – 2503 N Delaware St, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Goose the Market offers a daily selection of sandwiches, soups and small plates as well as a deli counter with meats, cheeses, breads, gelato, specialty foods and beer/wine.  The market and butcher shop are all about the love of good food and the people who produce it.  Housed in a corner building, there are a few stools by a counter at the window to the street and some outside seating.  Inside is a long counter where the meats, cheese, and gelato are displayed and you can place your order.  Across from that are shelves of specialty items and downstairs is the wine cellar.  You could see them slicing and assembling your sandwich while you waited.  Different sandwiches are specials daily.  It’s a wonderful shop and the sandwiches are quite good.


side of building
order counter
Frankie liked the fresh flowers
Frankie asked the pig where the goose is
eating area
Frankie found cutting boards for sale



The Muffaletta was a special on Wednesday.  The sandwiches come wrapped in plastic and then with brown paper.  They are cut in two for easy sharing.   This one contained salame cotto, Mortadella, city ham, mayo, mozzarella, provolone, tapenade and giardiniera.  It came on a focaccia bread that was a bit dry, especially on the top.  I think this is what made it feel out of balance – that the bread dominated the fillers.  Tasting the ingredients they were quite good but not as much olive influence as I’ve had on other muffulettas.  There was a good variety of flavors that made me think this had potential on a better bread day.

from the side


The Batali sandwich contained coppa, soppressata, capocollo, provolone, mayo, arrabbiata, romaine, pickled onions and spicy giardiniera.  It was on a baguette style of bread and was the favorite of the 2 sandwiches we tried.  It was full of great flavors and the textures melded perfectly.  It was stuffed with plenty of things that made you want to go back for one more bite.

Batali sandwich
from the top
the only goose was in chalk

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