The Plaza Tavern & Grill, Madison, 5/10/23

building – 319 N Henry St, Madison, WI 53703

The Plaza Tavern and Grill is the home of the “world-famous Plazaburger.”   The burger is dressed with a Plaza sauce which is a secret recipe from 1964.   The Plazaburger is ordered separately from a regular burger but they also offer a number of other food choices.  Inside is a long bar that runs the length of the long room and booths run along the opposite wall.  The middle of the room is open but you’ll find various game machines around the room.  A number of televisions were around the room and midday they were playing an old animated show.  It’s conveniently located by the capital and UW and open Wed to Sat from noon to 2 am.  Goggle wrongly said they weren’t open till 3 pm on Wed but that is not the case.  They were super friendly and cooked our burgers on the grill right behind the bar.  It is a cash only place.


Frankie and tap beer options
Frankie and some beers
Frankie and the condiments



This is the perfect snack to go with a cold beer.   The Plazaburger is not huge so it was easy to eat one mid-day and still have room for dinner.  We both added fried onions to the burger.  The secret sauce tasted like a mayo, sour cream, garlic and onion blend and it did have a white color.  The server was able to keep a little pink in the patty which was nice.  The slice of cheese melted into the burger and bun on one side and the plaza sauce and onions melted into the other side.  It was a tasty burger on what looked like a whole wheat bun.

cheeseburger with onions
from the side
Frankie cooled off

5 thoughts on “The Plaza Tavern & Grill, Madison, 5/10/23

  1. yay!!! I love plazaburgers!! the trick is to get extra sauce on the side to dip fries into. How fun that you are dining around Madison!

  2. Although I’ve only had one burger in the state, based on my online research, I have Wisconsin as my number two ranked burger state in the country, behind only Oklahoma (where I’ve yet to have a burger). I guess butter burgers are more of a Milwaukee thing.

    1. Thanks! Don’t think I’ve had an Oklahoma burger either (maybe put that on my list) but Wisc certainly is a state of burgers. The chain Culver’s started in Wisc and they’re all over the state with a pretty nice burger for a chain. If you try one make sure and also try the frozen custard too – it’s wonderful.

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