Meat & Bread, Calgary, 6/15/23

building – Grain Exchange Building, 821 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 7N2, Canada

Meat and Bread started in Vancouver and now has a number of locations in Canada but this one is in the old grain exchange building and opened in 2017.  Stylishly designed and decorated they make everything themselves.  They prided themselves on the simplicity of their products  – offer just a few things but use the highest quality ingredients and make it yourselves.  That simplicity is seen in the efficient layout of the space.  You enter and immediately see the porchetta roast and some sandwiches being assembled for to-go orders.  The menu is on a blackboard-like surface above the long prep area and the sides and drinks are arranged so you can see and pick.  You can watch your sandwich being made as you pay for it and then they’ll call your number when it’s ready.  We were there when they first opened, so no line, but my understanding is that it can have long lines however they move quickly.  The staff were super friendly and loved showing off a whole roast ready to go to the slicer.  This is a wonderful place and I hope I get to eat their sandwiches again.

Set Up

prep area
Frankie found 2 types of sparkling water to try
making sandwiches



The Chicken BLT Sandwich also contained lettuce, tomatoes and bacon aioli.  The bread is extraordinary and the chicken was moist and plentiful.  The lettuce, tomato and aioli did give it a pseudo ‘club sandwich’ flavor.  This was right up my husband’s alley and he gave it 2 thumbs up.

Chicken BLT


The Porchetta sandwich also contained salsa verde and cracklings.  Again the fabulous bread would be good with any filling but their pork was outstanding.  It was super moist and tender.  Chopped into bite-sized pieces it mixed perfectly with the salsa and then was topped with the broken cracklings from the roast.  This added a marvelous texture and flavor to the sandwich.  A great find here.

from the top
Frankie studied the box markers

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  1. Ah! Broken cracklings! They part of what.separates Bum’s, the Skylight Inn, and Sid’s Catering from the crown of great barbecue places!

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