Offshore Grill and Coffee House, Manzanita, OR., 7/12/23

exterior – 154 Laneda Ave, Manzanita, OR 97130

Offshore Grill and Coffee House is open for lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday and tries to showcase local foods. The Coffee Shop is open all day on those days.  They moved from nearby Rockaway to Manzanita during the pandemic when they added the coffee house.  It’s a medium-sized place with art for sale on the walls.  Polished wood makes up the tables and wood is on the floor as well as the curved bar.  Lots of families were diners and there was faint music in the background.  A few parking spaces are out front but mostly it’s street parking or walk-in guests.  Lowered lighting was supplemented by bright sunlight from the windows.  Service was friendly but only would rate okay.  All though there is a bar area they serve just wine and beer, no hard alcohol.  No specials were offered that evening and the food was mixed.


art for sale with a cat
peek in the kitchen
beverage menu
Frankie checked out the candle



Filthy Fries were seasoned fries tossed with crispy pork belly, Mama Lil’s pickled goat peppers, green onions and shaved pecorino cheese and served with Disaster Sauce.  The fries were nicely crisped and the peppers were very tasty along with adding a little zip to the dish.  The pork belly was also quite crisp and almost unidentifiable but still had flavor.  Parsley and scallions added color and the shaved cheese looked more than it tasted.  It was a healthy portion and easy to split as a way to start the meal.   The sauce was tasty.

Filthy Fries


Fresh halibut was served with fingerling potato and jicama hash, fresh pineapple, cucumber, watermelon and a chili lime Chamoy sauce.  The fish was slightly overcooked and dry, with little to no sauce to remedy the situation.  Some of the fruit was off tasting and the jicama was a strange item to mix with the potatoes.  Some of the jicama pieces were raw to add to the effect.



Crab Cakes included fresh local Dungeness crab and were served with black lentils, grilled asparagus and house remoulade sauce.  The two puffy cakes had lots of filler mixed with the finely shredded crab meat.  The cakes were totally crisped on the exterior, to the point of being difficult to cut.  The tartar sauce was a huge serving and hard to avoid as if heavily coated the bottom of the plate.  It made it hard to discern any flavor in the lentils and was odd mixed with them.  The asparagus were quite thin and tender having been cooked on a grill.  Some microgreens needlessly adorned the plate.

crab cakes


Dessert was an oral menu offering mixed berry cobbler or carrot cake.  We chose to split a piece of the latter.  It was a lovely moist and dense cake with thick flavorful icing.  The cake was mildly seasoned but overall a satisfactory way to end the meal.

carrot cake
Frankie thought it was a success

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