Pacific Roots Coffee and Mini Donuts, Nehalem, 7/13/23

sign on street – 35915 N Hwy 101, Nehalem, OR 97131

Pacific Roots Coffee and Mini Donuts is a food truck off the main street in Nehalem.  It is by the water in the same clearing as the Riverside Fish and Chips Truck, both of which we tried last year.  The signature mini donuts are made fresh, on the spot when you order them and come with a variety of toppings.  You order as many as you wish and they will mix the toppings in an order.   These little donuts are made in a remarkable machine and I have found them in a number of places but the flavor and quality do vary.  These are good ones, served nicely hot with a perfect amount of cinnamon sugar.  Another nice feature is that these are served in a styrofoam container as opposed to the usual paper bag.  They are perfect to order, especially while you wait for fried cod from the fish and chips stand.   While the fish was nice and the slaw interesting, the mini donuts were the star of this lunch for me. I encourage you to find a stand and try some.


leading the way
follow the fish
fish stand
donut truck
inside donut truck
eating area
Frankie thought the table clothes needed cleaning



donuts with cinnamon sugar
2 pieces of cod
slaw, interestingly included craisins
Frankie shared the details

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