Riverside Fish n’Chips, Nehalem, OR., 7/30/22

line to order – 35915 N Hwy 101, Nehalem, OR 97131

Riverside Fish and Chips is small trailer serving up hot fresh fried fish baskets and a couple of alternative items.  There are picnic tables in front, some with umbrellas and an additional patio with cover up a small set of stairs.  Across from this trailer was one selling seasoned mini-donuts, but they are not related.    It is really popular and by that I mean when we got there after standing in line 20 minutes to place your order we were told it would be about 45 minutes before the food was ready.  It’s a long wait but well worth it.  They do sell wine and soft drinks but they are right on the water and many just enjoyed sitting back and watching while they waited.  Lots of dogs and kids were there too, so I enjoyed the people-watching.  There’s a small sign on the street directing you down a fish-marked path to the site and if you like fish and chips, it’s worth finding.


sign on the street
walkway to follow the fish
outside seating
looking out from the covered upstairs patio
upstairs patio
inside truck
drink menu
donut stand



This fish is cod and offered in 1, 2 and 3 piece baskets that all come with fries, slaw and tartar sauce.  There is a service stand if you want ketchup, vinegar or other seasonings.  They also offer grilled cheese, fish or BBQ pork tacos and hot dogs, but I can’t say I saw any of these while waiting or eating.  The fish was hot and crisp and the coating was perfect.  Light, not greasy and it really enhanced the mild, large-flake cod.  It was delicious.  The fries were a coated variety so they stayed crisp but didn’t have lots of potato flavor.  The slaw was delightful and not overdressed.  The custom tartar sauce was in a small cup and was quite good too.

2 pc cod basket. with fries and slaw
fries and slaw
tartar sauce


The mini donuts came with lots of toppings offered but I like the cinnamon sugar variety.  They were hot and cakey and pretty good but the fish was the star at this stop.

donuts with cinnamon sugar

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