Flying Fish Grill, Carmel, 7/29/20

entrance and patio

The Flying Fish Grill website still lists Tina and Kenny Fukumoto as owners rather than Honza Prikryl who bought it 3 years ago but has not been able to get control of the website to change things.  The menu is correctly reflected on the website except they temporarily don’t offer Clay Pots as that was part of the indoor service.  It looked like a cozy place but currently dining was outside of the restaurant, along the bricked corridor of a shopping plaza, set off the street.  The good sized tables were unclothed metal ones some with umbrellas attached.   Service was friendly but with a few glitches, but then everyone is adapting to new rules and systems.  The inside restaurant was down a set of stairs so staff had to bring everything up to the “new” dining area.   The menu is all about Asian fusion seafood and a couple specials were also offered by the server.

entrance to indoor part
outdoor seating
outdoor seating on a different path
drink menu
Owner Honza Prikryl and Frankie


First up were some fried wonton wrappers and a seasoned dipping sauce.  They were crisp and not greasy but not wholly compelling which was good cause there was plenty of good food to come.

chips and salsa


We tried 2 appetizers.  The California Tower was composed of Dungeness crab, avocado, sushi rice and seaweed.  Alongside were ginger slices, a serving of wasabi in the shape of a leaf and some dressing.  All the parts were really good and the combination was a good balance of flavors and textures.  It was quite tasty and plenty to be split by two people.  It was a delicious appetizer.

California Tower

Fried calamari was an appetizer offered as a special that evening.  It contained both tubes and tentacles and was crispy, tender and tasty.  There was  a slightly spicy dipping sauce and lemon for garnish but I found the pieces good on their own.  The panko coating was light and they were not greasy.  It was a generous portion for just $12.

Fried calamari


Black Bean Halibut was Alaskan halibut with fermented Chinese black beans, mushrooms, ginger and scallions, all steamed in a paper pouch and served with steamed matchstick vegetables and a grilled rice ball.   The pouch was opened tableside and the aroma was lovely.  The halibut was one of the best cooked halibuts I’ve had and really well seasoned.  It was quite juicy and flavorful.  The rice ball was sushi rice that was browned on both sides and good.  The vegetable sticks would only rate okay but they nicely rounded out the plate.

opening at the table
Black Bean Halibut
grilled rice ball
Frankie played with a cork


Almond Sea Bass was a pan fried almond crusted sea bass served with whipped potatoes, Chinese cabbage and Rock Shrimp stir-fry.  The perfectly crusted moist fish was on top of the mashed potatoes and surrounded by the gelatinous sauce of the stir fry.  The almonds gave the coating a wonderful flavor which added to the delicious large flake moist fish.  It was a generous portion with lots of texture and flavor to the dish.  It’s no wonder the server said it was one of their best selling plates.

Almond Sea Bass


For dessert the Warm Banana Sundae with tempura banana, vanilla ice cream, home made caramel sauce and Macadamia nuts was the most appealing.  It was huge.  The lightly fried bananas fanned out from the center scoop of ice cream which were all doused with caramel sauce and nuts and then decorated with a few slices of strawberry.  The caramel sauce was good but not too thick.  The bananas could have been softer but that can be tricky as they quickly turn to mush and better a little firm than too soft.  I’m guessing they used tempura rather than a pan fried in butter, to go with the Asian influence.  It was a totally rich and a gigantic sweet fix with enough fruit to make you feel good about eating it.

dessert menu
dessert drinks
Warm Banana Sundae
from the side
close up of tempura banana
Frankie looked it over

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  1. Been there many times, and ironically had the same dishes in the article, among other. Among our favorites along with Grasings

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