Grill at Knob Hill, Ketchum, Idaho, 9/5/20

outside of hotel

The Grill at Knob Hill is a restaurant featuring Northwestern food in the Knob Hill Inn.  It has a large dining area including an indoor/outdoor terrace dining room with floor-to-ceiling glass folding doors and lawn seating on the large area on the side of the inn.   Otherwise the inside is just the bar where you can enjoy a craft cocktail while you wait for your table.  They offered a regular menu that would suit any taste and also a few daily specials.  We were on the lawn just outside the terrace dining room and it was a beautiful setting with a large display of flowers along the exterior wall.  The white cloth covered tables were small and set with black napkins and well spaced.  There was good lighting while the sun was up but it got a good bit darker when the sun went down.  The many tables covered with umbrellas and set further from the terrace got pretty dark with only a small candle.  Servers were friendly, helpful and masked.

interior (bar area)
interior (bar area)
interior dining
interior dining (window looking at terrace room)
interior (wine cellar)
outside dining
outside dining
outside dining
nightly specials


We enjoyed a well made martini while we waited for our table.

Frankie started with a martini


We split a couple appetizers to start the meal.  The Lamb Lollipops were served with mint pesto and crispy onions.  There were 3 nicely rare lamb chops that tasted more like domestic lamb than New Zealand.  They were quite good and a fun, different starter.  They came with delicious fried onion strings that were not greasy but really crisp and wonderful.

Lamb Lollipops with mint pesto and crispy onions
wine front
wine back
as the sun goes down


The Calamari was sautéed with garlic and shallot and mixed with green onion, tomato, red chili flakes and fresh herbs.  The calamari was all tubes cut into strips no tentacles. It was nice to have calamari that wasn’t deep fried.  They added a bit of balsamic sauce and overall it was a really tasty dish.

Calamari sautéed in garlic with shallot, green onion, tomato, red chili flake and fresh herbs
little closer


Bread service was popovers with honey butter.  They were good but would have been better if we’d gotten them apart from the other appetizers so we could eat them when they were hot.  I think they would have been amazing if we hadn’t gotten all the food at the same time and they suffered being room temperature.

honey  butter
Frankie was glad to have a candle


A nightly special was a rosemary-brined 14 ounce pork chop plated with citrus braised golden beets, cracked freekeh (grain of roasted wheat) and a peach-jicama salsa.  The pork chop was cooked nicely pink but the meat was not as fatty or brined as it needed to be to keep it from being a bit dry.  The peach salsa was similarly colored to the grains.  Also on the plate were carrots, which were good and green beans that were not.

Rosemary brined 14 oz. bone in pork chop with citrus braised golden beets, cracked freekeh and peach-jicama salsa


Another nightly special was a Caramelized Black Cod served on shaved brussels sprouts, shitake mushrooms and a carrot ginger puree.The large flake fish was fabulous – buttery and delicious.  The brussels sprouts were very good and went great with the mushrooms.  The carrot was a nice orange smear but a little salty.  It was a wonderful plate.

Caramelized Black Cod with carrot ginger puree, shaved brussels sprouts and shitake mushrooms


Along with our main plates we split an order of frites.  They came with a small bowl of ketchup.  They were hot, crisp and tasty.

Side of Frites


For dessert we chose the Classic Mud Pie.  It had a oreo cookie crust, mocha almond fudge ice cream, fudge topping and homemade whipped cream.  It was really cold and the cookie crust was pretty thin.  It was topped with roasted sliced almonds.  It was really too cold to get the full flavor but was a fine bit of sweetness to end a nice meal.

dessert menu
Classic Mud Pie – oreo cookie crust, mocha almond fudge ice cream, fudge topping, homemade whipped cream
from the top
Frankie has a sweet tooth

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