The Bird, Jackson, WY., 9/9/20


The Bird is a large place, located a bit out of town that opened in 2010.  Inside are 2 large rooms, one containing the oval shaped bar and outside is a good sized deck with a spectacular view of the mountains.  There are no umbrellas or heaters outside.  The bar offers all mixed drinks as well as a ton of tap beers.  The room with the bar is decorated with tap handles from those beers they no longer carry.  They are mounted on metal bars all over.  It’s mainly a burger bar but also is known for its wings.  Country music plays prominently and service is friendly.  They wore masks for the most part and limit the number of people that can be in at any time.  You must wait at the door to be let in by the server.  They don’t take reservations and are popular with locals.

sign at entrance (note the cow head on the bird body)
menu 1
menu 2
deck seating
deck seating
deck seating


We tried a local tap  beer called Melvin Pilsgnar (not mis-spelled).  It was cold and mild.

Frankie enjoyed one of the tap beers


We tried two of their burgers which all come with a 4 or 9 oz. beef patty.  The burgers are made with fresh ground meat and cooked to order for doneness.  They come with lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickle slices on the side and are inside an English muffin.  Sauce is on the side.  We added grilled onions to both and that was $1 extra but they come with fries (or you can substitute salad for $2 extra).   Most of the burgers have goofy names but a few actually reference what you get.  We both got the 9 oz patty with is one bigger patty not 2 smaller ones.  One of ours was the Ghetto Deluxe with came with American Cheese and the other was Luscious Lissa which had cheddar cheese.  Both were cooked as ordered, well seasoned and juicy.  The onions were generous and added a nice amount of flavor to the already tasty meat.  The muffin bun was good but didn’t hold up to the meat.  The fries were nicely crisp and a generous portion but they didn’t hold their crispness till the end of the meal.  It was a good plate of food but really messy, which is often the sign of a good burger, but this was more to do with it falling apart.  Overall it was good but not worth the drive in my opinion.  (It also didn’t help that it was really cold inside as well as outside).

Ghetto Deluxe burger 9 oz with American cheese
Luscious Lissa 9 oz. burger with cheddar cheese and grilled onions
Lissa open
inside ghetto
no moving tables
Frankie loved the wallpaper in the bathroom

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