Mosquito Supper Club, New Orleans, 3/18/21


Mosquito Supper Club is a cajun restaurant that wanted to celebrate all the bounty of local fishermen and farmers.  Starting as a family style place at large farmhouse tables, Covid has had them shift to single party, well-spaced tables with a fixed price 5 course menu for all diners. They are open Thursday to Sunday with 2 seatings and offer wine pairings to go with the meal.  After our cocktail we chose to try their wine pairings with the meal.  They were nice and appropriate pairings but no refills were offered.  Located in an older house, there are many rooms where dining service takes place with wood floors, plaster walls and high ceilings.  A bar is in the first room where there are stools if your table isn’t ready.  Rock music plays in the background and lighting is lowered.  Diners are pre-paid with reservations but cocktails and wine can be paid for at the restaurant.  If you pre-buy the wine pairings you will also pay the 25% gratuity added to your meal charge whereas at the restaurant you can determine your own.  Staff was friendly but not overly.

at the corner outside
Frankie found a gargoyle
interior of one room
letter on the table
dinner tasting menu
Frankie swatted the mosquito
cocktails and wine list
back of list
The Reverse Martini – dry vermouth, gin, orange bitters, olive


The first course was several food snacks served at once.  Roadside crawfish hand pies were small crawfish filled pastries.  They were delicious with a tender pastry and well seasoned filling.  The raw oysters were from Point aux Pins in Alabama and served with a tarragon vinaigrette and a few beet sprouts.  They were delicious.  Pickled shrimp were to be eaten with some toasted Bellegarde sourdough bread.  They were in a tasty sauce and had good texture but not sure they needed the toast.  The Higgins crab claws were in a sauce of sweet pepper and green garlic aioli and quite nice.

Roadside crawfish hand pies/ bellegarde sourdough
inside pie
Point aux pin oysters with tarragon vinaigrette, beet sprouts (also pickled shrimp and crab claws)
Pickled shrimp
Higgins crab claws with sweet pepper and green garlic aioli
Frankie was amused with the table flower


Perilloux Farms grew the beets in the salad that also contained kumquat vinaigrette, yogurt farmer cheese, peanut hummus and sunflower and radish shoots.  The hummus and cheese were smeared on opposite sides of the bowl for you to mix in as desired.  A couple crystallized slices of kumquat gave the salad a bit more texture.  It was a nice combination of textures, colors and tastes, but overall quite mild.

Perilloux Farms beets with kumquat vinaigrette, yogurt farmer cheese, peanut hummus, sunflower and radish shoots
Frankie checked out the remains


She crab bisque was a mixed offering.  The roe from the female was in the soup but what dominated was the half crab shell that hadn’t had all the meat picked from it or its claws but was obviously just for flavoring the stock and too cooked to be eaten.   Even so the flavor of the bisque was not outstanding and the texture was not too thick.  It was topped with a few chunks of crab meat.  I’d call this one good but not great.

She crab bisque
Frankie warmed by the votive candle


Seared speckled trout was a representative of spring along with sugar snap peas, creamer potatoes, piperade (onion, green pepper, tomatoes and Espelette pepper) and creole tomato vinaigrette.  Chili oil also was on the plate.  Unfortunately the peas were tough, the fish was earthy and the tomato relish not strong enough to work with the fish, which was also on the dry side.  Not a successful course.

Seared Evans speckled trout, covey rise sugar snap peas, creamer potato, piperade, creole tomato vinaigrette
Frankie found soft hand towels


Louisiana carrot cake with toasted pecans and ginger ice cream was dessert.  It was one of the smallest pieces I’ve ever seen cut.  Pecans were on the edge of the cake and underneath the tasty ice cream.  The cake nor the icing had the richness it needed.  The ice cream was fun but couldn’t elevate the cake to any semblance of yumminess.

Louisiana carrot cake, toasted pecan, ginger ice cream
Frankie sniffed the cake


A final cookie was brought with the bill.  It was forgettable but crisp.

cookbook for sale
Frankie on the Mosquito sign

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