Buskey Bay Resort, Iron River, 4/30/21


Buskey Bay Resort was previously Hyde’s and before that the Hermitage.  Deciding to make a change from their city lifestyle Chris and Brenda Diesing and Valerie and Kevin Zimmerman purchased it the first part of 2021.  Next to the restaurant/bar building are cabin rentals and across the highway is an available dock for your boat or pontoon rental.  Covid-19 has made it a challenging time to open but they are gradually being able to open back up with in house dining Wed. thru Sunday and specials most night.  Inside now you will find 2 rooms decorated with numerous animal head mounts shot by the owners and muted TVs.  The entrance room is surrounded by windows and the more interior room houses the large bar that does have stools available for drinking and/or dining.  Fun instrumental music was in the background and Chris was at the bar making cocktails.  Tables were well spaced and staff wore masks.  We went on a Friday which is fish fry and had good martinis to go with it.  The server was slow in getting our order but once it was in, service progressed rapidly.

exterior with sign
interior with old Hyde’s sign
Frankie checked out condiments
menu 1
menu 2
old Hermitage sign


Most all dinners come with soup, salad, roll and small dessert. There were 2 choices of soup so we tried both.  Clam chowder was thick but nicely flavored and packed with stuff.  It came with a packet of saltines which you didn’t need – it was a generous cup of chowder.  The chicken and vegetable was equally packed with small chopped vegetables in a tasty broth.  It was not as heavy but also came with crackers.  It was good.

clam chowder
chicken vegetable soup
Frankie liked having a water pitcher


We were there while the salad was still in a box but they have since switched to a salad bar.   It arrived before we were halfway through with our soup.  Inside the box was a lot of what is now offered at the salad bar.  Pickled beets, pasta salad, potato salad, green salad and macaroni salad.  We were offered a choice of dressing which came separate from the salad, so you can mix as much as you want.  Both were mildly flavored and plenty to mix with pretty fresh greens.  All the salads were tasty but after the green salad I think my preference were the pickled beets.  Also in the box was a roll (butter was in packets on the table)  and a small piece of vanilla cake with icing.  The cake was sweet and a good finish.

salad box


The fish fry was made with fresh whitefish caught off nearby Lake Superior. You could have it deep fried, pan fried or broiled and it came with choice of potato.  We tried the deep fried which came out with a tasty crisp light coating that kept the fish wonderfully moist and good.  It had a cup of tartar sauce on the plate but all this needed was a small squeeze of lemon to make it go down with ease.  It was a generous delightful piece of fish.  With it were the potatoes au gratin which were sliced potatoes baked in a creamy cheesy sauce dusted with parsley.  They were really good and we devoured every one of them.

deep fried whitefish and au gratin potatoes
closer au gratin

The pan fried fish was another good way to enjoy the fresh fish.  It had a buttery sauce around it and was dusted with seasonings.  It was great too and I’d be hard pressed to chose the better preparation.  The red skin potatoes were diced and cooked to a bit of crisp on the skin.  They were also well buttered and very good but here I would state a preference for the au gratin.  Either way it was a good dinner and we’ll be back to try some other offerings.  A pack of chocolate covered mints came with the bill.

pan fried whitefish and red skin potatoes
closer red skins
Frankie thought dinner was a hit


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