Delta Diner (update), Delta, WI, 5/3/21

exterior with coffee shop showing

Almost 2 years ago we visited the Delta Diner and that was an update on their new addition of a Chicken Shack and Tin Tap House to the left as you look at the Diner. Five years ago we looked at a lot of the food and some of my consistent favorites to order there, like the Deli sandwich.  But today we visited on a Burger Monday and that’s what they serve all day every Monday.  There are a number of ways to have your fresh meat patty prepared or you can enjoy the vegetarian option of a black bean burger.  All are served on soft, fresh griddle toasted buns.  After a long year of Covid closures and curbside service the Diner is finally open for limited inside seating.  New additions of partitions are between booths and stenciled with a drawing of the Diner.  They are incredibly tasteful and fit right in.  No plastic partitions and the staff are all properly masked and vaccinated. The counter stools are limited and space is left open between customers.   There are plenty of picnic tables with beautiful settings if you want to order and carry your food outside.

decal on booth divider


The Diner burger comes with grilled onions and cheese but I wanted to try the Roadster Deluxe which is actually made on a back stove rather than out front.  It is 2 thinner patties, 2 slices of American cheese, bacon and grilled onions on the nice bun and served with a slice of crisp dill pickle.  This is a pile of burger to wrap your mouth around but worth your efforts.  The generous supply of well cooked onions were caramelized to perfection and the bacon was chopped into large squares so you could have some in every bite.  The meat got a good sear, the cheese melted perfectly and it all combined to a terrific end game of burger excellence.  This one is not to be missed if you can get there.

Roadster Deluxe burger


We had an order of fries to go with the burgers and they are a coated variety that come out perfectly crisp, hot and delicious.  Ketchup is in packets, due to Covid protocols, but they don’t really need any additional seasoning.



Another addition is the house made cheesecake that has a changing array of flavor combinations.  Our week it happened to be topped with a chocolate espresso ganache – how lucky are we?  The light cheesecake was great to split as a fun sweet ending for the meal.  The chocolate is strongly flavored and the filling is surrounded by a graham cracker crust.  Here, American standards done right.

cheesecake with chocolate-espresso ganache

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