DanDan, Philadelphia, 5/21/21


DanDan (126 S. 16th St., Philadelphia) serves Sichuan and Taiwanese dishes along with having a full bar.  It is a smaller place in Rittenhouse Square that also offers some outdoor seating.  Inside the downstairs has counter seating around the bar and in the window.  Upstairs are multiple tables in different combinations of sizes.  The spheres that are the light fixtures hang from the ceiling and give it a fun view from upstairs.  They appeared to do a lively takeout business but were not busy at any of the tables, but we were early. Music is in the background and some paintings are on the walls.  It is a large menu but several favorites had been suggested by local magazines and we got most of them.  This place got rave reviews but we seemed to hit it on an off day.


outside dining
downstairs by the bar
second floor dining
second floor dining
Frankie found hand sanitizer



Small Plates

Crisp Spicy  Cucumbers were cold and cut in large chunks and surrounded by chili oil and spices.  They were okay but not terribly spicy and some chunks had a musty taste.

Crisp Spicy Cucumbers


Wontons in Chili Oil were 8 flat dumplings lightly stuffed and in a chili oil sauce.  They were good but also mild in spiciness.

Dumplings in Chili Oil


Scallion Pancakes were thin and crisp and really greasy.  They tasted good but seemed to have been fried too long ago.  The dipping sauce helped their flavor but the grease won out.

Scallion Pancake


Authentic Noodles

Dan Dan Noodles was the traditional dish with pork, spices and lots of flavors.  These were probably the best on the table but not near what I’ve had at other places.

Dan Dan Noodles


The table

first round
Frankie surveyed what was left

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  1. Those dan dan noodles look odd… I found too many new, more trendy places try to be too smart for their own good, thinking they can do better than generations of cooking tradition.

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