Cleavers, Philadelphia, 5/21/21


Cleavers opened in March 2016 near Rittenhouse Park (108 S. 18th St., Philadelphia).  They use 100% domestic ribeye meat in the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich creations and freshly baked bread.  The menu has a chicken version made from fresh chicken breasts or a vegetarian option from Portobello mushrooms.  Also they have salads, sides and a full bar. They are open 7 days a week, do take-out and have dine in and out seating.  We chose to sit inside near the bar to enjoy their wonderful air-conditioning on a warm day in Philadelphia.  The bar has multiple cocktails and an amazing number of tap beers.  We tried one of the latter.


close up
interior entrance



The ribeye cheesesteak can be on a seeded or unseeded bun that is white or wheat.  We chose the one with ribeye steak, American cheese and grilled onions.  If you want extra meat they will add it for $5.  We forgot to specify bun and got seeded white.  The sandwich arrived in a cardboard box in fairly quick order.  They nicely cut it in half.  It was full of tasty well seasoned and well-cooked beef and onion.  The cheese must have been below and melted into the bun.  It was good with lots of flavors and a half was plenty for a nice snack.  The bun was soft and great and the meat dripped with juices.  Along with a tap beer, I give this place a thumbs up.

Frankie looked at the presentation box
cheesesteak with onions
another view
Frankie enjoyed a tap beer

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  1. Probably about 20 years ago I visited Philadelphia and of course had to try an authentic Philly cheesesteak sandwich. We went to a place on South St. I just googled looking for the place and I’m pretty sure it was Jim’s. The sandwiches were delicious! I remember being utterly shocked you couldn’t get them with Cheese Whiz.

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