E Bar Tex Mex (update), Dallas, 5/27/21



Our last visit to E Bar Tex Mex was in 2018 and I wanted to update it as I was not wowed by the food on that visit but speculated that you had to find the items that spoke to you.  They continue to get crowds and now I know why cause I’ve found my item – Jorge’s Tacos.  The place is physically about the same except they’ve added a non-enclosed tent next to the enclosed one and their name is on a nearby parking lot to provide additional parking. Service is good, helpful and friendly.


street sign
outdoor dining
entrance room
bar and entrance room
second room
Frankie enjoyed a cold beer



Every table starts with chips and salsa and guests get their own bowl of salsa which is a really nice touch.  The salsa is slightly spicy but if you want really hot you can order a hotter sauce from the back for a couple bucks.  The chips are freshly fried with good corn flavor.  Be careful not to fill up on this tasty snack.

chips and salsa
Frankie shared the menu code


Jorge’s Tacos is listed as one of their many Tex Mex options.  It is 4 grilled corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, fresh jalapeño, onion, cilantro and your choice of ground beef, shredded chicken, brisket, carnitas, beef fajita or chicken fajita.  You can get a mix of meat fillings which is what I do.  The beef and chicken fajitas are really good but the waiter told me his favorite was ground beef and I tried it – he was right, another great one.  I also like the carnitas, or bits of pork.  On the plate is a special sauce to sprinkle on them or dip in and a pile of extra tomatoes, cilantro and lettuce along with 4 slices of avocado.  The exterior of the tacos is what got me first.  They are tender yet have a distinct crispness that really brings out the flavor.  It’s a stuffer of a plate but oh so good.

Jorge’s Tacos
ground beef and carnitas filling
beef fajita and chicken fajita filling
extra seasonings and avocado
Frankie shared the restaurant details

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