Earl’s Steak Sandwiches, Dover, N.H., 6/11/21

exterior (99 Oak St., Dover)

Earl’s Steak Sandwiches is family owned and specializes in shaved beef sandwiches.  Wife Mo (Maureen) Donovan works the floor, husband Jim cooks and their daughter Sophie, who is 10, makes rings and bracelets to sell in one of the booths.  Opening in October, in a location that had previously been a diner,  during the Covid pandemic they rose to the challenge by concentrating on take-out until indoor dining resumed.  The decor features a ‘vintage car theme’ with old hot rod magazines at the table and the walls decorated with oil signs and car parts.  The inside area is small, with a few counter stools, but there also is a good number of outdoor tables.  Behind the counter is a window to the kitchen where you can see, hear and smell the owner’s cooking.  One of the booths is “reserved for Earl” which is where the daughter assembles and sells her jewelry.  Earl has a photo but it is actually not a family member, they just liked his name.   They cure their own meats and make their own sauces.


Looking through to kitchen
reserved for Earl
Frankie found a car magazine at the table



Menu 1
menu 2
wine and beer
Frankie enjoyed a cold beer


We got 2 sandwiches and 2 sides, fries and onion fries.  The server offered to bring the sides first and that was fine.  The fries were twice cooked skin on russets that were crispy and hot.  They were really good but what was totally special were the Sweet Onion Fries that were hand cut and buttermilk battered.  It was like you tore a ‘bloomin onion’ apart and served it.  The juicy onion pieces were sweet and well coated with a batter that stuck to them (as opposed to pulling apart).  They were well seasoned and didn’t need anything.  Highly recommended here.

Sweet Onion Fries
Great server Jacie and Frankie


The Fat Tony sandwich was made of steak, house pepperoni, house capicola, roasted garlic, cherry peppers and provolone.  The long sandwiches come cut in two.  The  well browned tender beef pieces were mixed with the various cured meats and cheese to yield a tasty combination of flavors in a soft rolls.  It was a fun one.

Fat Tony Sandwich – steak, house pepperoni, house carpicola, roasted garlic, cherry peppers, provolone
Fat Tony unwrapped
fun sign
Frankie checked out the onion fries


The Korean Pepper Steak contained steak, Korean BBQ, kimchi pickles, bell peppers, crushed peanuts and scallions on a nice soft roll.  It was juicier than the Fat Tony because of the sauces on the ingredients.  I really  liked the peanuts which gave it flavor and crunch.  The kimchi pickles added an interesting twist to a finger licking good sandwich.   Portions are generous and they were nice enough to provide a to-go box for leftovers.

sandwich presentation
Korean Pepper Steak – steak, Korean BBQ, kimchi, pickles, bell peppers, crushed peanuts, scallions
The “first Earl”
Frankie rested on the sign outside

5 thoughts on “Earl’s Steak Sandwiches, Dover, N.H., 6/11/21

  1. I prolly could have done that challenge for a freebie!
    But I guess you were in Dover for something else coming in the next post? 😉
    Next time you in the area I can also rec Goody Cole’s Smokehouse, one of the better BBQ in the northeast.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Don’t know when I’ll get back but you were right the trip was to go to Stages at One Washington in Dover and found this wonderful little spot to have lunch before. With these two and your recommendation, people have really good reasons to visit Dover!

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